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TEDxGurneyDrive 2012

Calling avid followers of the local TEDx platform, penangpac is clearing the stage to welcome TEDxGurneyDrive this December. Marking this year's theme 'Be All You Can Be', various international and local speakers will grace the conference with personal stories and fresh ideas on stepping out from one's comfort zone and striding above our failures to achieve our aspirations. Branded as TEDx, where x stands for independently organized TED event where it's a platform for 'ideas worth spreading' by a panel of speakers and for the Gurney Drive event, catch speakers in the likes of Cindy Gallop, Khu Li Fang, Dr. Prema Devaraj, Dr. Oo Loo Chan, Joe Sidek and Leonard Chua. Details on bookings can be found at the website or e-mail address below, now.