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The main focus of the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities is a permanent exhibition on prehistoric China, presenting artefacts unearthed in the 1920s in a Chinese village by the museum's founder, Johan Gunnar Andersson. The exhibit, displayed in a dimly lit room echoing with sounds and voices, includes tools and pottery 3,000 to 4,000 years old, descriptions of burial traditions, and the symbols, as well as patterns, of prehistoric earthenware. The museum also has a large collection of far-eastern Buddhist sculptures. The gift shop sells Japanese tea sets, books on Asian art, religions and design, and kimonos.

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Area Stockholm

Transport Bus 65.

Telephone 51 95 57 50

Östasiatiska Museet website

Open 11am-8pm Tue; 11am-5pm Wed-Sun.

Admission 60kr; free under-19s.