Fifty Dead Men Walking

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Tue Aug 18 2009

An adaptation of Martin McGartland’s life as an IRA informant, Kari Skogland’s flashy yet dead-on-arrival drama turns Belfast’s backstreet battlefields into music-video backgrounds. Watch McGartland (Sturgess) contact his British handler, “Fergus” (Kingsley), amid a set design of high-end debris; the usual violence in the name of “the cause” is sure to be artfully lit. God forbid anything even slightly suspenseful or significant should happen without revved-up ’80s Irish rock blasting over the soundtrack. Ben Kingsely’s intenser-than-thou glaring can’t counteract such laziness, or explain the vestigial presence of Rose McGowan as a tarted-up enforcer who’s all hips and hair.—David Fear

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