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A hideous mutation which combines cartoon heroism with dance-floor sex, Brazilian rhythms with Midwest (rather than West Coast) platitudes, and makes Saturday Night Fever look like class movie-making. Peck plays Kevin Laird, a 32-year-old maths teacher at the local high, whose biggest selling point is his 'nice buns' rather than his skill with a set-square, and who leaves the classroom to don leather and prowl the dance-floors of the East LA community from which he sprung (gee, he was adopted as a boy). This Clark Kent of the Dirty Dance movement uses his gift for pump-and-grind to convince the deprived that maths can be groovy and career options more extensive than club bouncer or drug pusher. It ends not with a knife-fight but a school quiz, and of course Kevin doesn't lay a hand on posh Sandy (Hardin), who's nuts about him. It has an abysmal script, acting which makes Madame Tussaud's look like a roller disco, and some more than passable music and dancing from over 200 local beauties.


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