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Colm Meaney in Parked

God bless you, Colm Meaney, for being an actor that can make even the most trite roles glint with glimpses of genuine pathos. As a middle-aged man living out of his car, Meaney has the ability to do something with next to nothing, single-handedly keeping the movie from sliding into full-blown, oh-the-humanity mawkishness. A young addict (Colin Morgan) and a Finnish immigrant (Milkha Ahlroth) offer the protagonist a shot at redemption and romance, respectively—but their character development seems to start and stop there. The fact that director Darragh Byrne has laden things with a Celtic Whimsy 101 score and a sketched outline of a script makes it even tougher for Meaney to lift this film out of its social-drama rut.

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Release details

Release date: Friday November 30 2012
Duration: 94 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Darragh Byrne
Cast: Colm Meaney
Colin Morgan
Mikla Alroth
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