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Time Out says

In this hugely successful movie - a pastiche of Scream - the Airplane!-style comedy is scattershot and stupid, but with an extra cup of grossout humour thrown in for bad measure. While the zany Airplane! pictures at least made one ponder the absurd conventions of disaster movies, this lamebrain lampoon offers neither wit nor insight. Instead, it regurgitates a random stream of snot, fart and hairy bollock gags. After the phone taunting and pre-credits slaughter of Baywatch babe Carmen Electra, the ramshackle plot plunders not only the expected titles, but also The Blair Witch Project, The Sixth Sense, The Matrix and Riverdance. There are a few nice touches, otherwise, the interchangeable pretty boys, busty babes and virginal girls next door are simply sliced, diced and humiliated to order. Despite the tagline promise of the American poster - 'No mercy. No shame. No sequel' - you'll find a review of Scary Movie 2 right underneath this one.


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