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Tue Aug 24 2010

One can argue about the quality of Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan’s blokey films, most of which are glorified straight-to-DVD titles, but there’s no questioning their work ethic. Here they are again, in an under-populated thriller about seven lost souls wandering the streets of a post-apocalyptic London. None of them knows what day it is (Judgement Day, perhaps), but memory flashes suggest they have something in common. But what could connect Hassan’s army sergeant, a drunken civil servant, a stroppy teenager, a God-botherer, an army captain in civvies, a woman who speaks no English and a journalist called William Blake? Director Imran Naqvi exploits the eeriness of the empty City, but the promising set-up fades away. The underrated Hassan has presence, and pretty much carries the film on his broad shoulders; Dyer’s enigmatic, non-speaking role will be a relief to some. The ‘surprise’ ending is not unexpected.


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