Time Out becomes the most widely read free magazine in London

Posted at 3:43 pm April 5, 2013

Independent research from YouGov SixthSense has revealed that Time Out is now the most widely read free weekly magazine in London. In the last 6 months, since Time Out became a free publication, 52% of all free magazine & newspaper readers surveyed have read Time Out.

In fact, since going free, the research would indicate that Time Out has been read by 1 in every 3 people in London.

How does Time Out fare among free magazine readers?

A huge 52% of free newspaper and magazine readers sampled in London have read Time Out since it became a free publication. In contrast over the same period 35% each read Shortlist & Stylist, and just 25% read Sport magazine. 

And what about London generally?

30% of all Londoners sampled had read Time Out in the last 6 months. During the same period 20% read Shortlist and Stylist each, and only 11% had read Sport. This shows that Time Out really is London's favourite free weekly magazine!

London gives Time Out the thumbs up<

Our fantastic readership figures is a reflection of how hard Time Out has worked to reach out to more Londoners by producing a magazine that's on trend, stylish and engaging. It's packed with great content that reflects the diverse nature and interests of people who live and work in the capital, inspiring them to discover more of London.