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Venue details

  • Address:

    Cinesa Sant Cugat 3D Av. Pla del Vinyet, s/n
    Sant Cugat del Vallès

  • Venue phone:

    902 33 32 31

  • Venue website:

  • Opening hours:

    Various sessions and times

  • Transport:

    Sant Cugat (FGC)

  • Price:

    €7.60; Tue €6; 3-D supplement €2.50 + €1.20 glasses

  • Map

    1. Cinesa Sant Cugat 3D
      • Av. Pla del Vinyet, s/n
        Sant Cugat del Vallès
      • 902 33 32 31
      • 41.469995,2.089964

What's on at Cinesa Sant Cugat 3D



Paradise: Hope

Rating: 3/5

The pursuit of happiness continues in the final instalment of Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl’s trilogy of modern manners. Here, an overweight teenager (daughter of the first episode’s middle-aged sex tourist in Kenya) hopes to shed kilos at a summer...

  • Thu Jul 31:

Planes: Fire & Rescue

Rating: 1/5

Displaying a weird lack of memorable or endearing characters, this animated effort feels more like a direct-to-video job from the 1990s than a fully fledged John Lasseter-exec-produced theatrical release. After 'Frozen', it’s a huge step back for Dis...

  • Thu Jul 31:

Sex Tape

The question here is not whether ordinary husband-and-wife team Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz would want to make a sex tape to jazz up their waning bedroom life. The question is whether anyone would want to watch it. Seriously, just picture it for a s...

  • Thu Jul 31:

    • 16:00
    • 18:10
    • 20:20
    • 22:30

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Rating: 4/5

Let’s face it, high-minded ideas are all very well, but can they compete with a chimp on horseback firing an Uzi? 2010’s ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ was as smart as modern sci-fi gets, ditching the 1960s-born franchise’s gritty dystopian roots f...

  • Thu Jul 31:

    • 19:30
    • 22:00

The Purge: Anarchy

Rating: 2/5

This action thriller follows the silly premise of last year’s ‘The Purge’. America in the near future has wiped out crime with Purge Night: for 12 hours once a year all crime is legal and hospitals and police stations are shut down. The concept is ha...

  • Thu Jul 31:

    • 16:00
    • 18:10
    • 20:20
    • 22:30

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