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Renova la teva roba clothing exchange

  • Free

Once again the Casa Sagnier civic centre joins the Festival of Fair Trade and La Banca Ética de Barcelona with a clothing-exchange market. Other distributors throughout the city will also participate this year. Just donate clothes you no longer wear (max 10 pieces) between April 27 and 30, and you'll get points to exchange them the day of the Festival (Friay, May 8). Find out how it works and get more info on the civic centre's website.

  1. Brusi, 61, Sant Gervasi, 08006
  2. Fri May 8
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La Gran Ilusión

  • Rated as: 4/5

The magic revolution is here, and the man behind the curtain is Antonio Díaz. On the popular Spanish chat show ‘En el Aire’ (‘On the Air’), he teleported himself from the live set before host Andreu Buenafuente and the stunned audience to New York’s Times Square and back. And his television show, ‘El Mago Pop’ (‘The Pop Illusionist’) on Discovery Max is becoming more popular throughout the world. His new live show ‘La Gran Ilusión’ is sure to be a major turning point in his career. With a loose back story inspired by the film ‘The Truman Show’, the Mago Pop discovers that his entire life has been a lie created for a television broadcast and decides to show the world what he’s capable of. ‘La Gran Ilusión’ is his test.The show itself has everything that you could hope for – and everything you didn’t expect – from a show where the goal is to leave the audience amazed.  For 90 minutes you can’t help but pick your jaw up off the floor over and over, unable to complete a single thought: ‘No...’, ‘But how did...’, ‘Noooooo...’. Díaz loves doing close-up magic, and the audience gets a look at his technical precision and the poetic rhythm in his work that makes all the little hairs stand on end. Even if you’re one of those trying to find the mirrors, the hidden spaces, and the holes in the ground, at some point – with his illusions of levitation, or his travels in the time machine – he’ll take your breath away.Onstage, Díaz is intelligent and charismatic, easily engaging his audience

  1. Coliseum Gran Via, 595, Eixample, 08007
  2. Wed May 6 - Sun Jun 7
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Blade Runner

Ridley Scott. USA, 1982. Original version, Spanish subtitles. 112'.Ridley Scott's masterpiece is not just a cult film that revolutionised science-fiction cinema, but it's also a movie with a fascinating production design and soundtrack by Vangelis that invites debate and multiple interpretations, thanks to an ending full of unknowns. In the future, the Tyrell Corporation has created an advanced model of robot that's identical to humans, but superior in strength and agility, known as Replicants. Although they were designed to work as slaves in the space colonies, the Replicants eventually rebel against their masters, leading to the need for a special unit dedicated to discovering and capturing them.

  1. Phenomena Sant Antoni Maria Claret 168, 08025
  2. Thu May 7
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Unseen. Jessica Lange

  • Free

In 1967, Jessica Lange got a scholarship from the University of Minnesota to study photography, but the fickle fancies of student life led her to Spain and in Paris, where she decided to give preference to the dramatic arts rather than her practice behind the lens. It was then that she started her acting career, which led her to become a star in iconic films and to receive two Best Actress Oscars  for her performances in 'Tootsie' (1983) and 'Blue Sky' (1995). It wouldn't be until later, in the early 1990s (when Sam Shepard gave her a Leica M6), when Lange would pick up her passion for photography once again. She shot images along her travels: the United States, France, Finland and Italy are among the countries highlighted, though she showed a fondness for Mexico because of its 'lights and great nights'. This exhibition brings together 134 of Lange's photos from over the last 20 years, divided into two series: 'Things I See' and 'Mexico, On Scene'. A large part of these photos have never been shown on exhibition before and are seen here for the first time.

  1. Arts Santa Mònica La Rambla, 7, Ciutat Vella, 08001
  2. Tue May 5 - Sun Jun 28
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Picasso/Dalí. Dalí/Picasso

For the first time, work by two of the last century’s most brilliant artists is brought together. You can observe how, following their first meeting in Paris in 1926, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí echoed and challenged each other in their work. The show is produced with the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida (USA), where it was exhibited for four months from November 2014; Barcelona’s Museu Picasso is its only other venue. More than 80 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures are on display, many of them rarely seen in public before. The overlaps in the men's lives, such as a shared fidelity to surrealism, beg the question as to why we've never seen this exhibition until now.

  1. Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23, Ciutat Vella, 08003
  2. Tue May 5 - Sun Jun 28
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Spanish sculpture. 20th-21st centuries

  • Rated as: 4/5
  • Free

The title of the exhibition says it all – or almost. We are talking about a grouping of Spanish sculpture from over the last 100 years. Curated by Kosme de Barañano, the exhibition includes pieces by some of the most important sculptors in Spain, but not all of them. 'This is a personal selection,' as De Barañano pre-emptively defends himself in the catalogue before any possible attacks. 'It is my thoughtful choice that starts with the best Basque sculptor, Paco Durrio, and ends with the work of a student from years ago, David Rodríguez.' And in between, a journey is plotted along the winding roads – by techniques, materials and concepts – of the art of sculpting and modelling. Twenty works that give a general idea of ​​what has been done and what is being done today.Durrio's 'Gran medallón con figura o El sueño de Eva' (1908) starts things off. Next, it's two etchings by Picasso, part of the wonderful 'Vollard Suite' (1930-1937), attesting to the artist's interest in sculpture. It's a shame that it wasn't possible to include any sculpture by the Malagan artist, who, once again, took one of the leading arts to unsuspected limits. Back to the exhibition, you see it isn't necessarily in chronological order, with 'El Picador' (1925), by José de Creeft; two self-portraits by Julio González and his bronze 'Femme dite "Les trois plis"' (1931); and Chillida's wooden sculpture 'Ilarik II' (1954). The exhibition also unfolds with a roll call fairly predictable names (not to say they'r

  1. Marlborough Enric Granados, 68
  2. Tue May 5 - Sat May 9
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Sophie Calle. Modus vivendi

  • Free

Retrospective of the French artist that looks at her work from the mid-'80s to the present. Among the artist's diverse experiences over four decades, what's clear is her relationship with others and with herself – that is, her ability to observe others and herself. Her works are done in the first person. And her relationship with 'the other', with others, is also implicit in this search for beauty and art in its various aspects.

  1. Virreina Centre de la Imatge La Rambla, 99, El Raval, 08001
  2. Tue May 5 - Sun Jun 7
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