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Las Vegas’s best Chinese restaurants

Grab some chopsticks and get stuck in with our guide to Las Vegas Chinese restaurants

Britta Jaschinski / Time Out

Eat your fill at the best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas with Time Out’s comprehensive guide to Chinese cuisine in the city. From the curious Sino-Mexican fusion of China Poblano to the unpretentious pan-Asian dishes of Noodles, our fave restaurants cover all bases.

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Best Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas

China Poblano

Critics' pick

Hands down, China Poblano at the Cosmopolitan offers the most unlikely menu pairings you’ll find. You may ask yourself where Chinese and Mexican cuisines intersect, but you’ll have to visit China Poblano to get that answer. The important thing is that it does work, and fantastically well. With a variety of small-plate meals from Viva China tacos to the fabulous Shrimp Mojo, each dish is an unexpected, and exciting, combination.

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The Strip


The new Andrea’s, which opened at the end of 2012, has quickly become a place to see and be seen. But the reviews are in and the verdict is that this spot isn’t just about the ambience. Yes, the expansive dining room is fashionably smart and DJs provide a late-night soundtrack, but the menu is an Asian-food aficionado’s delight. Countless sushi combinations, shrimp pad Thai, dim sum, kimchee—Andrea’s has it covered.

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The Strip


A gem showcasing the subtle, modern elegance of Tony Chi’s pan-Asian dishes, Noodles is everything its name implies: rice noodles, egg noodles, vermicelli and more. Enjoy the urban diner feel, the late hours, the selection of dim sum (available Friday to Sunday), traditional dishes like kung pao shrimp, and, of course, the rest of the hot and chilled noodle dishes from across Asia.

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The Strip

Wing Lei

As if naming your casino after yourself wasn’t outlandish enough, Steve Wynn has also lent his identity to this super-smart restaurant: Wing translates as "Wynn" in Chinese. Happily, the mogul’s vanity doesn’t extend to taking charge of the kitchen. Expect cultured Chinese food in a predictably luxurious environment in this Michelin-starred restaurant.

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The Strip

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