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Panther Coffee

Critics' pick
© Jimmy Baikovicius

Unless you cultivate a pointed aversion to all things hipster, Panther Coffee is a wise choice of destination for a cup of java. This bright little venue is one of a new crop of cafés that target the "serious" coffee lover—we're talking mochas with no sugar and baristas with 20 years' experience. Artisan, small-batch beans rule; if you can't tell your Colombian Cencoic from your Ethiopian Suke Quto, the accommodating staff will be sure to help. Prices are reasonable—count $4–$5 for a coffee—and the summery outdoor patio makes for a lovely spot to roast yourself like a bean.

Panther Coffee now has a sister branch at 1875 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach.

Venue name: Panther Coffee
Address: 2390 NW 2nd Ave

Venue phone: 305 677 3952
Website: http://www.panthercoffee.com/
Opening hours: Mon–Sat 7am–9pm, Sun 8am–9pm
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