Beer in Paris

Discover the best bars and shops for buying and drinking beer in Paris with Time Out's guide to beer in the capital



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The French live on wine, celebrate with champagne, and crack out the crème de cassis in their mellower moments; yet until recently, their passion for booze didn't quite extend to beer. But in Paris, a new fad for beer merchants and craft breweries is changing things. No longer are thirsty tourists from Nordic countries obliged to make do with ludicrously priced half-pints of Kronenbourg – suddenly suds looms lager than life over the capital's bar scene, as Parisians indulge a newfound obsession with artisanal ales and other malty alternatives to their beloved wine. Never one to turn down a pint or four, Time Out has checked out the best bars and coolest shops for buying and consuming brewskis – we can barley contain our excitement.

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