Gaumont Ambassade (Chps-Elysées)

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8th arrondissement
Venue name: Gaumont Ambassade (Chps-Elysées)
Address: 50, av. des Champs-Elysées
Transport: Metro: Franklin D Roosevelt
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    Director Nancy Meyers makes entertaining comfort-comedies (‘It’s Complicated’, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’). Her films are like humongous bowls of macaroni cheese, and the latest, ‘The Intern’, may see you sink you into a feelgood coma. Robert De Nir...
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    Guy Ritchie’s reboot of ‘The Man From UNCLE’ – the 1960s spy TV series that no one under 50 will remember – has a sunny, tongue-in-cheek vibe. Its Cold War Europe setting is less about paying homage to its vague influences (including Ian Fleming a...
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    As this crude, mindless ‘Fatal Attraction’-in-hotpants home invasion thriller unfolds, it’s impossible to shake the sneaking suspicion that co-writer and director Eli Roth thinks, somewhere in his addled brain, that he’s making a feminist statemen...
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