Paris for kids

Discover the best the capital has to offer for kids and families

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Cooking classes for kids

These cooking workshops cater specially for your little chefs, with fun-filled classes that impart basic kitchen techniques...


Paris is heaven for kids looking for a sweet ride: carousels are an entrenched part of French childhood, as are the games of rings played on them. Most parks

Day trips

A surprising number of great breaks can be found just beyond the city's périphérique...

Science and learning museums

Ever wanted to fly a plane, penetrate the secrets of magnetism or learn how Paris’ sewer system came to be?

Guided walks around Paris

Discover the capital on foot with a themed walk or guided tour...

English language bookshops

The city that nurtured Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Orwell and Beckett remains a major hub and an inspiration for English writers and readers...

Best sweet shops

You know a country is serious about its candy when it has a national union of sweetshops and a dedicated annual Day of Guilty Pleasures...

Haunted Paris

Discover gruesome relics, famous corpses and spooky stories littering the streets of Paris with our creepy walks and other haunts...

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