International Jazz Day

30 April 2013, Rue des Lombards



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  • Gregory Porter

  • Tony Tixier

  • Gautier Garrigue (Tony Tixier Trio)

  • Pierrick Pédron

  • Omer Avital

  • Vincent Peirani

Gregory Porter

UNESCO's worldwide International Jazz Day is now in its second edition, with a day of concerts in jazz's 'golden triangle' in Paris hosted by renowned clubs Duc des Lombards, Baiser Salé and Sunset-Sunside.

Our selection of showcases:

2pm: Omer Avital & Avishai Cohen at Baiser Salé

2pm: Rémi Panossian Trio at Duc des Lombards

3pm: Looking for Parker (Manu Codjia, Géraldine Laurent, Christophe Marguet) at Sunset

7pm: Etienne M'Bappé at Baiser Salé

8pm: Baptiste Herbin at Sunset

8pm: Omer Klein Solo at Sunside

8pm: Leila Martial at Baiser Salé

9pm: Ray Lema at Sunside

9pm: Gregory Porter at Duc des Lombards

11pm: Pierrick Pédron at Sunset

11pm: Vincent Peirani & Emile Parisien at Sunside

12mid: Tony Tixier Trio at Sunside

1am: Samy Thiébault at Sunside

For more information on talks and round tables (in French): Paris Jazz Club

To sign up for concerts and conferences, click here.

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