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The best boutiques for local talent in Paris



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Pigalle Paris

Just a few metres from l’Hôtel Amour, the Pigalle offers a good range of streetwear and designer brands. The concrete and velvet décor is reminiscent of the red light district and is inspired...

  1. 7 rue Henry Monnier, 9e
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After five years spent as Kolam, the owners of 9km decided to reinvent their concept. The new name represents the exact length of a piece of cotton long enough to sew a whole T-shirt...

  1. 2 rue des Plantes, 14e
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Médecine Douce

In the same genre as its neighbours Chez Prune, Maje, A.P.C. and Claude Pierlot, Medicine Douce doesn’t upset the neighbourhood’s balance of hip elegance. Inside, white and grey walls and a total...

  1. 10 rue de Marseille, 10e
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Ma Demoiselle

When Stéphanie Allerme opened this boutique in November 2012, she didn’t want to sell her designs from behind a counter, but rather to display them as if in her sitting room at home...

  1. 155 rue Amelot, 11e
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Don’t expect a warm welcome from the aloof staff at this boutique – but perhaps it’s all a sign of success, as the pieces from Alix Petit’s proudly cosmopolitan label are worth the visit all by themselves...

  1. 23 rue du Cherche-Midi, 6e
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Vanina Escoubet

The 9th arrondissement is perfect for a Sunday stroll, complete in a plethora of great (and expensive) little boutiques – the sort that make you want to throw out your entire wardrobe and start all over again as an epitome of classy French style...

  1. 1 rue Henry Monnier, 9e
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After six years of good and loyal service at Sonia Rykiel, Sandie Jancovek decided to start her own label in 2007, focusing on highly-designed shoes: espadrilles with bows (€65), heels with a houndstooth pattern...

  1. 77 rue du Cherche-Midi, 6e
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The sort of place where you can’t help but leave smiling – it might be the bright colours and the original cuts, or the charm and enthusiasm of the owner, who opened this boutique in its little corner of Montmartre...

  1. 19 rue André del Sarte, 18e
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French Trotters

The new French Trotters flagship store occupies no less that 200 chic square metres, just down from the road from the old boutique at 116 Rue Vieille du Temple...

  1. 128 rue Vieille du Temple, 3e
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Hazar and co

Anne-Cécile Zitter and her and cohorts cleverly mix leather, textiles and paper to create Japanese-influenced rings, necklaces, bracelet, headbands and more. Japan also comes through...

  1. 126 rue du Château, 14e
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Rumour has it that before this space was Qhuit, it was Daft Punk’s studio. A pret-à-porter collection for men influenced by street art and urban culture, the pieces are simple but sophisticated enough...

  1. 39 rue Durantin, 18e
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In three years, the Rue de Marseille in the 10th arrondissement transformed into a playground for fashion victims. Between A.P.C., Le Centre Commercial, Petites and Claudie Pierlot...

  1. 14 rue de Marseille, 10e
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Multi-brand stores

Beau Travail

Delphine Dunoyer (alias Aconit Napel) and Céline Saby opened this workshop in the heights of Belleville in 2005 to display their couture creations. They were soon joined by Caroline Halusias and Séverine Balanqueux (Titlee), making a fashion quartet for Beau Travail, a vast and luminous retail and exhibition space full of finely gilded jewellery, screen-printed lamps, unusual badges and bags. A delicate limited edition lamp will set you back €68, lip-shaped handbags €28...

  1. 67 rue de la Mare, 20e
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Le Centre Commercial

The idea of a commerical centre might not appeal to fans of concept boutiques, but don’t speak too soon – Centre Commerical in the Rue de Marseille (alongside APC, Maje and Claudie Pierlot) will thrill fans of quality fashion. The shop's founders also created Veja, the famous brand of hip, affordable trainers. Sébastien Kopp, one of the co-founders, has embraced a socially and ecologically conscious type of fashion for trendy youngsters; however annoying young hipsters might be, at least they don’t buy ‘made in China’...

  1. 2 rue de Marseille, 10e
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For the last seven years, Joy has stood out from all the other little clothing boutiques in the neighbourhood by stocking a selection of big name French designers: See by Chloé, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and Cacharel for clothes, Velvetine leather goods and Les Délices de Candice jewellery. The cosy space is hung with pretty dresses arranged by colour, making the best use of the space, enjoyable as much by window shoppers as by those intending to buy...

  1. 38 rue du Roi de Sicile, 4e
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By Mutation

There’s no sign to announce the presence of By Mutation at 30 Rue Etienne Dolet, but passers by are drawn in by the pretty, feminine window display and the street art-style collages by Treize Bis. Inside, a rail hung with soigné pieces, plus bags, shoes and loads of jewellery. The hook here is that all the designers are all French (or almost all – recently jewellery by New York brand Boe also made the cut). You’ll find necklaces and bracelets by Paris brand Tonkinoise...

  1. 30 rue Etienne Dolet, 20e
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