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Your perfect Friday in Paris

March 13

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Cubana Café

Montparnasse is full of surprising little gems, but this Cuban bar and restaurant is one of the best and most authentic. You’d never know from the outside, but its interior positively reeks of the Caribbean, with cigars all over the place, old leather sofas, various other Cuban knick-knacks and portraits of famous heads of state. The main room fits twenty or so, and there’s also a small terrace with two tables...

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St Germain des Prés

Cemetery of Splendour

This thought-provoking new film from respected Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul pursues similar themes to his earlier works ‘Oncle Boonmee’ (a Palme d’Or winner at Cannes in 2010) and ‘Tropical Malady’, but displays even greater technical mastery. The camerawork and direction are simple yet powerful, with ‘Cemetery of Splendour’ seemingly intended as a transformative experience for the spectator as much as a narrative story...

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Au Petit Parisien

Some people will tell you that there’s nothing going on in the 15th arrondissement, but Au Petit Parisien is the latest address to prove them wrong. Located right opposite university buildings and a sixth form college, this café and restaurant is a laid-back hangout for many local students, who make the most of a lengthy happy hour (3pm-9pm) with pints of Affligem and cocktails at €5 (or even less with a student card). The quaint feel of this spot perfectly suits its name...

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South-west Paris


With its showy frontage, colourful logo and the sweet smell of incense wafting from inside, this little boutique is full of charm. ‘Nierika’, the owners will happily explain, is the name given to the brightly coloured Mexican wool pictures you can see hanging in the windows. These psychedelic works have been stitched together by local shamans high on peyote, a hallucinogenic plant, supposedly sweeping the makers on some sort of transcendental journey...

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14th arrondissement

Paris supper clubs

Go out to stay in, and discover Paris's food scene in unique ways – supper clubs are all the rage. Private locations, surprise menus and home-cooked food at these clubs attract gatherings of perfect strangers, who nonetheless know they have some important things in common – love of food, discovery and making friends. À table!

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