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October 24



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Film • Magic in the Moonlight

The more things change, the more Woody Allen stays the same: it’s a comfort that this singular artist’s worldview remains so staunchly his own – often archaically against fashion – and that nothing seems to halt his movie-a-year pace. The director’s latest – a lighthearted romance set in 1920s Germany and France – won’t do much to sway proponents or detractors from their own perspectives, though taken at face value, it’s one of Allen’s most charmingly conceived and performed efforts. Our hero, Stanley (Colin Firth, amusingly pompous), is a popular stage magician and lifetime sceptic conscripted by a colleague to travel to a lush Côte d’Azur estate...

Shopping • Sauver le Monde des Hommes

Men's fashion is to women's as 5ive is to the Spice Girls: a shoddier, far less versatile imitation. So we're inclined to cheer the opening of any new menswear shop, even if it doesn't do anything too radical – which Sauver le Monde des Hommes doesn't. If you're looking for classic brands – Stan Smith, Saint James – this is the place for you. But if you're after something more contemporary, you'll have to make do with a small-ish range: Suit Apparel jumpers (€95), Rivieras shoes (€55), Sacrebleu tees (€45). The shop's stated mission is to bring back classic men's fashion à la française... 

  1. 8 rue Beaurepaire, 10e
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Restaurant • Aux Enfants Gâtés

This sparky little restaurant in the 14th arrondissement might be off the beaten track for some, but there are many treasures to be found in the friendly streets around the Denfert-Rochereau métro, from boutiques to bars and from markets stalls to parks, which make it worth the trip. If you’re in the neighbourhood, Aux Enfants Gâtés (‘The Spoiled Children’) will reward you with above average cooking in a cosy, friendly atmosphere, all in a modern space that seats 20 at a squeeze. On our visit, we enjoyed the inventiveness of the starters – a richly nutty vegetable millefeuille, creamy snail ravioli and a bright plate of soft-boiled egg...

  1. 4, Rue Danville, 14e arrondissement
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Gig • La Luz + Calypso

Drawing from Phil Spector-produced ’60s girl bands with one hand and from modern acts like Dead Ghosts with the other, the four girls from La Luz only want one thing: to transport your soul to a sun-kissed Californian beach. Rich harmonies, full-on reverb and liberal helpings of Farfisa organ are the order of the day with this summery Seattle quartet. Yet even they are outdone for tropical vibes by the French band Calypso, whose synth-heavy sound is underscored by the kind of trippy surf rock that was big half a century ago. We're reminded of electronic dream poppers Au Revoir Simone, with a side serving of French psych-punk band La Femme...

  1. Point Ephémère 200 quai de Valmy, 10e
  2. Until Fri Oct 24
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Bar • Le Mange Disc

Now there’s another reason to head to Montreuil apart from the Marché aux Puces, in the form of great new neighbourhood bar Le Mange Disc. One major draw is the sun terrace, while the main attraction is the old-fashioned and charming rock’n’roll ambiance that harks back to the 1980s rockabilly revival. At the bar, a record player blasts out doo-wop, teen rock and rhythm and blues, while a bartender with slicked-back hair asks warmly, ‘What can I serve you, pet?’ (or rather, ‘mon p’tit loup’, ‘my little wolf’)...

  1. 50 rue de Romainville, 93100
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