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March 6



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Art • Michel Blazy: Pull Over Time

Michel Blazy is an artist from Monaco who has been cooking up art from perishables for over 20 years. Each of his projects is more organic and eccentric than the last, as his latest exhibit ‘Pull Over Time’ at the Art:Concept gallery proves. Combining materials ranging from shaving cream to spaghetti and beetroot mash, Blazy’s exhibit is an ironic, poetic critique of consumerist culture. Clothes are covered in shaving cream and weeds, a plant grows out of the USB port on a camera, and a lawn grows in the laptop space of a keyboard. Blazy turns the tables on modernity by having nature encroach upon the technological. Fragile, self-destructive and a little bit mad, the end result is effective and compelling. 

  1. Art:Concept 13 rue des Arquebusiers, 3e
  2. Until Sat Mar 7
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Cheese shop • Fromages et ramage

Charmingly cheeky cheesemongers Christian and Jean-Daniel are the most unconventional pair of shopkeepers you’re ever likely to meet. They set up their cheese shop to be able to listen to music of their choice all day while selling rounds to customers – or so the story goes. The end result is a unique and intriguing business – and it’s doing well. Fromages et Ramage offers cheese in all shapes, sizes and intensities, from classic hard wheels to smoked sheep and goat’s cheeses, herbed, spiced, wildflower or truffle-infused rounds, and pouches of fresh Italian burrata. 95% of products are raw milk cheeses such as Charolais, Chabi and Pouligny-Saint-Pierre...

  1. 22 rue Ramey, 18e
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Restaurant • Luz Verde

Top notch Mexican food has landed in Pigalle – and there’s not a cheesy sombrero in sight. The cuisine does its own talking at Luz Verde, a stylish taqueria and wine bar in the 9th arrondissement. Run by Frenchie alums, bartender Quentin Zuddas and cook Alexis Delassaux have gathered a passionate following since they opened in late 2014.  Inevitably, the buzz tends to mean queuing for a table, but sticking around is well worth the wait, while the welcoming staff are quick to put a fresh pisco sour in your hand (€11). When your turn rolls around, tuck into a serving of quesadillas and tacos (chicken, lamb, venison or octopus) followed by a delicious fresh sea bream ceviche... 

  1. 24 rue Henry Monnier, 9e
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Film • Inherent Vice

Ever since 'Boogie Nights', the untamable Paul Thomas Anderson ('There Will Be Blood', 'The Master') has thrilled us with the mania of self-made men – porn stars, game-show hosts, oil prospectors and cultists. Now, for a change, the director grabs you by the nose: 'Inherent Vice', Anderson's sexy, swirling latest (based on Thomas Pynchon's exquisite stoner mystery set at the dawn of the '70s), is a wondrously fragrant movie, emanating sweat, the stink of pot clouds and the press of hairy bodies. It's a film you sink into, like a haze on the road, even as it jerks you along with spikes of humour. 'Go back to the beach, you smell like a patchouli fart,' growls Josh Brolin... 

Bar • Le Ballroom du Beefclub

You reach Le Ballroom, another venture from the trio behind the Experimental Cocktail Club, via an unmarked black door and down a spiral staircase beneath the Beefclub restaurant. Here, well beyond signal range, you'll find red brick walls, an ornate tiled ceiling and a gleaming collection of spirits and liqueurs, which all create the perfect setting for this dimly-lit speakeasy-style cocktail bar. Waistcoat-wearing bartenders serve up drinks and banter at the comptoir, or there are Chesterfield sofas at candlelit tables for more intimacy. The drinks menu is on the pricey side, but the mixology delivers – in a sweet and aromatic Fleur des Champs cocktail... 

  1. 58, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001
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