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April 18



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Exhibition • Robert Adams

Wisconsin, Colorado, Missouri, Oregon — the work of Robert Adams is inextricably tied to the landscapes that it depicts. Grand horizons, breathtaking scenery, fields that stretch all the way to vanishing point… and in their midst: man, dirty and rowdy. In Adams’ oeuvre, the American Midwest becomes the site of a struggle between an Edenic nature and the motorways, shopping centres and nuclear plants that threaten to devour it. Urbanisation and all its attendant problems form the central theme; we witness eerie suburbs, shadowy figures in the streets, factories spewing smoke into the atmosphere...

  1. Jeu de Paume 1 place de la Concorde, 8e
  2. Until Sun May 18
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To the zoo • Parc Zoologique

After five long years of renovation work, the Parc Zoologique (known colloquially as the Zoo de Vincennes) is back in business. Regular patrons of the old zoo are in for a shock: the venue's been subjected to a radical redesign in which nothing, bar the 65m Grand Rocher centerpiece and of course the beasts themselves, has been spared. Visitors are now greeted by spots of woodland, a greenhouse, an aviary and five 'biozones', all of it brand spanking new and up to the ethical standards of the day. Efforts have been made to grant the animals more living space and promote the protection of endangered species...

  1. 53 Avenue de Saint-Maurice
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Stage • Russia

Since 2008, the Spanish company La Veronal has been putting on a country- or city-themed show almost every year. Sweden, Finland, Copenhagen, Maryland and Siena, for example, have all been explored in previous performances. 'Russia', created in 2011, now comes to the Chaillot theatre to complete the choreographic world tour. Set on the Lake Baikal, the deepest in the world, its protagonists are travellers stuck in their car, dropped into the vastness of the Russian landscape with its glacial temperatures...

  1. Théâtre National de Chaillot 1 place du Trocadéro, 16e
  2. Until Fri Apr 18
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Restaurant • Bones

Youthful self-taught Aussie chef James Henry flexes his muscles, tattoos and chutzpah at this new venture where the ingredients are the stars of the show. Book several weeks in advance for the no-choice four-course tasting menu at €47 a head, served in the 25-seater dining room, or try the bar for craft beers, freshly-shucked oysters and homemade charcuterie...

  1. 43 rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 11e
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Drinking guide • Beer in Paris

The French live on wine, celebrate with champagne, and crack out the crème de cassis in their mellower moments; yet until recently, their passion for booze didn't quite extend to beer. But in Paris, a new fad for beer merchants and craft breweries is changing things. No longer are thirsty tourists from Nordic countries obliged to make do with ludicrously priced half-pints of Kronenbourg – suddenly suds looms lager than life over the capital's bar scene, as Parisians indulge a newfound obsession with artisanal ales...

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