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September 19



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© Miriam Cahn

Shopping • Machicadou

The name sounds like the kind of word a French Mary Poppins might dream up – an appropriate association for this endearingly ramshackle workshop-cum-secondhand clothes boutique by the Canal Saint-Martin. Owner Camille scours the flea markets of Paris in search of unwanted threads, which she then customises into something else entirely: short-sleeved jumpers studded with buttons and blue pompons (€59), necklaces stitched from leather fragments (€49), you name it. The concept is at once eco-friendly and wholly original; what's more, by stocking young up-and-coming designers (Lezelles, Cam Dup) alongside Camille's products...

  1. 165 quai de Valmy, 10e
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Exhibition • Miriam Cahn: Corporel/Körperlich

The Centre Culturel Swiss exhibits the strange, ethereal works of Basel-born artist Miriam Cahn. Her unorthodox paintings, drawings and photography fizz with feminist symbology...

  1. Centre culturel suisse 32 et 38 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, 3e
  2. Until Sun Dec 14
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Bar • Le Soleil de la Butte

Le Soleil de la Butte has two faces: by day, this picturesque restaurant in Montmartre attracts tourists like bees to honey with its sunny terrace at the foot of a set of stairs, away from the pollution and traffic. Later on, it draws the night owls of the neighbourhood in search of a nightcap and on weekends, it stays open until dawn. The menu is affordable, classic Parisian brasserie, making it a good choice for lunch or dinner (the kitchen is open non-stop until 1am). During the week, the room in the basement is rented out to musicians, small theatre companies and comedians. On weekends from 10pm until dawn, it becomes a den for DJs; the music can be hit and miss, but this is certainly a good place to hear some new sounds in the early hours.

  1. 32 rue Muller, 18e
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Film • Miss Julie

She’s best known as Ingmar Bergman’s favourite actress, appearing in many of the Swedish master’s films including ‘Persona’, ‘Autumn Sonata’ and ‘Cries and Whispers’. But Liv Ullmann also has a successful career as a director, from 1992’s heartfelt ‘Sofie’ to 2000’s ‘Faithless’, scripted by Bergman. An adaptation of the Strindberg play about an aristrocratic girl who attempts to seduce her father’s butler, ‘Miss Julie’ promises to be Ullmann’s most high-profile directorial work to date. That’s thanks in large part to a remarkable cast, with Jessica Chastain taking the lead role, ably backed by the likes of Colin Farrell (surely the butler) and the redoubtable Samantha Morton. Expect big performances, emotional intensity...

Bar • Le Festin Nu

Whatever your feelings on the matter, most people will now be aware that insects form a major part of the human diet in many areas of the world, and that as people seek alternatives to carbon footprint-heavy production methods and to overcome the effects of climate change on traditional agricultural production, creepy crawlies are wriggling their way closer and closer to all of our larders. Admittedly, they are still a matter for comment – or more likely, revulsion – and confined to pop-ups, one-offs or daredevil menus. Paris probably wouldn’t be the first place you’d expect to find a bar casually serving mealworms or crickets as a bar snack, but voilà...

  1. 10 rue de la Fontaine du But, 18e
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