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April 25



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Retrospective • Yasujiro Ozu

'I only know how to make tofu,' Yasujiro Ozu famously said of his films. Coming from one of the most revered Japanese directors of all time – his influence in his home country is far greater than Kurosawa's – this is a staggering understatement; but then restraint and self-effacement are what Ozu's cinema is largely about.Not unlike Mike Leigh's films in England or Eric Rohmer's in France, Ozu's oeuvre is essentially a catalogue of variations on the theme of the family and social ties, each distinguished from the others by subtle differences in cast, setting and storyline...

Drinking guide • Beer in Paris

The French live on wine, celebrate with champagne, and crack out the crème de cassis in their mellower moments; yet until recently, their passion for booze didn't quite extend to beer. But in Paris, a new fad for beer merchants and craft breweries is changing things. No longer are thirsty tourists from Nordic countries obliged to make do with ludicrously priced half-pints of Kronenbourg – suddenly suds looms lager than life over the capital's bar scene, as Parisians indulge a newfound obsession with artisanal ales...

Film • Short Term 12

American critics fell hard for this thoughtful US indie about the staff of a foster care home for troubled teens: the film’s Rotten Tomatoes page is littered with words like ‘exceptional’ and  ‘devastating’. Another adjective that comes up a lot is ‘authentic’, so maybe it’s a matter of cultural disconnect (the Americans do tend to wear their emotions a little more openly than the rest us). But viewers on this side of the pond might feel more manipulated than convinced by this weighty but overwrought melodrama.In one thing, however, we’re all agreed: up-and-comer Brie Larson is enormously enjoyable in the central role of Grace...

Restaurant • Bistrot Bellet

This is just the sort of place that was missing in the Faubourg Saint-Denis neighbourhood, a popular corner of the 10th arrondissement that is quickly opening up to gentrification as new restaurants, gourmet fast food joints and concept stores try to outdo each other. Between the hot dogs, hamburgers, Kurdish kebabs and organic chicken'n'chips, young restaurateur Nicolas Lacaze had the bright idea of setting up a joyously down-to-earth old-timer bistro. The décor gets it right: bar, scruffy tiles, wooden bistro tables and chairs, and an open kitchen ruled by a chef who has defected from the Café des Musées...

  1. 84 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10e
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Gig • King Khan and the Shrines

Berlin-based Canadian exponents of Stooges-like garage rock, twisted funk and psychedelic soul – and sometime members of the really excellent supergroup Almighty Defenders with the Black Lips – have recorded half a dozen albums under several similar names and guarantee a sweaty good time...

  1. La Maroquinerie 23 rue Boyer, 20e
  2. Fri Apr 25
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