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March 28



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© Albina Yarullina

Coffee tasting • Brûlerie de Belleville

There are people who hit the button on their Nespresso machine for a caffeine hit (or even the office coffee dispenser, yikes), and then there are people like the founders of the Brûlerie de Belleville, whose coffee is the result of experience and training, tasting and smelling, investment in hardware and in relationships with producers, even the art of decorative coffee foam. The three young entrepreneurs who set up the Brûlerie have travelled the world for the expertise to create a sophisticated Parisian coffee brand – one that can banish Paris's association with industrial coffee providers... 

  1. 10 rue Pradier, 19e
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Photography • William Klein: Tokyo 1961

After documenting the streets of New York, Rome, Paris and Moscow, William Klein is back at the Polka gallery with a series of photographs portraying 1960s Tokyo. Klein first discovered Tokyo in ’61, on an official visit to Japan. Shown around by government representatives, he found a way to sneak off into back streets of Tokyo and captures the essence of the city at a time when Tokyoites were recovering from war and preparing for the 1964 Olympic Games. Klein makes his way through the busy streets observing everyone he meets, from children fighting on a street corner... 

  1. Polka Galerie 12 rue Saint-Gilles, 3e
  2. Until Sat May 9
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Art • Pierre Bonnard: Peindre l'Arcadie

From his post-impressionist Nabi experimentation to his Japanophile paintings, the Musée d'Orsay's big summer exhibition this year is all about Bonnard. It's a major undertaking – Bonnard is an unclassifiable painter of intimacy and light, whose canvases have long been known for two particular motifs – that of his wife Marthe, floating in her bath, and of Arcadia, a perfect world with an uncertain outlook.

  1. Musée d'Orsay 62 rue de Lille, 7e
  2. Until Sun Jul 19
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Restaurants • Dune

With a menu of big, bold Argentinean flavours set in a light, bright space in the hip 11th arrondissement, Dune seems like a very promising proposition. It almost works, too, with flashes of brilliance that should earn it repeat visits from lovers of bold, heartfelt cooking – if they can overlook the hiccups.Self-taught chef Matias Veleizan cut his teeth at La Pulpéria and the Marché des Enfants Rouges. Market-fresh produce and a way with big chunks of meat could therefore be expected (if not assumed), and they're certainly here in bucketloads. The menu is refreshed daily (and is vegan on Tuesday evenings, with Maylis Parisot in the kitchen), listing just one meat and one vegetarian main... 

  1. 20, Rue Keller, 11e arrondissement
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Clubbing • Wanderlust

At quay level in La Cité de la Mode et du Design on the Quai d’Austerlitz, Wanderlust (by Savoir Faire, the team behind Le Social Club and Silencio) is spread out over 1,600 square metres and includes a huge wooden terrace, perfect for watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand. Music is minimal techno and house on a top quality sound system, getting the crowd going to point where, if you’re outside, you can watch well-dressed backsides gyrating together in the club’s huge street level bay windows. Declared 2012's ‘place to be’ by Paris’s fashionistas, Wanderlust's door policy and prices can get a little tiresome (entry is free, but drinks and food come at a premium)... 

  1. 32 quai d’Austerlitz, 13e
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