Your perfect Sunday in Paris

March 15

© ashton

Brunch • Wallace

You could wander a long time around the streets of the busy 15th arrondissement before finding a decent plate of eggs and bacon – thank goodness, then, for Wallace, coming to the rescue of local hangovers...

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15th arrondissement

Shopping • Delphine Pariente

The tourists who troop down the Rue des Filles du Calvaire are drawn to Delphine Pariente’s glittering window like flies to honey. They snap away with their cameras, visibly disappointed once they realise they’ve stumbled into an artisanal jewellery shop rather than an art gallery...

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11th arrondissement

Brewery • Paname Brewery Company

A new arrival on the Quai de la Loire in June 2015, the Paname Brewery Company is the latest sign that this gorgeous canal-side area, which once struggled with a dodgy reputation, is on the up and up...

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Bassin de la Villette

Park • Habiter

Critics' choice

Le Domaine de Chamarande in Essonne, just a few minutes from Chamarande station on the RER C, comprises a 17th century chateau with 98ha of grounds – a magical stretch of forests, lawns and lakes... 

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Domaine de Chamarande et son centre d'art Until Sunday November 1 2015 Free

Things to do • Swimming pools in Paris

When Paris's legendary Piscine Molitor – Art Deco showpiece, birthplace of the bikini (and, er, the 'monokini'), star of 'Life of Pi', playground for graffiti artists and ravers – reopened in May 2014, it wasn't in order to welcome back its old public...

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