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Your perfect Sunday in Paris

March 15

© ashton

Film • Black Mass

Anyone easy-to-please and mourning the fact that Martin Scorsese hasn’t made a mobster flick in a while should take heart from ‘Black Mass’. It’s the entertaining, if limited, tale of how seriously nasty South Boston crim James ‘Whitey’ Bulger (Johnny Depp, looking like an embalmed vampire with terrible teeth and a bald patch) operated with near immunity from the late 1970s to the early 1990s...

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Dance • Il n’est pas encore minuit...

The third production from circus troupe XY showcases lively acrobatics in a thrilling, celebratory atmosphere. For dynamic, dance-based spectacle ‘Il n’est pas encore minuit…’ at La Villette, the number of performers is impressive (they used to be six, but they now have 22 members). The specific style is lindy hop, a 1920s African American street dance that combines jazz and swing and involves both individual and partnered moves...

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Wednesday December 2 2015 - Sunday December 27 2015

Restaurants • Uptown

Uptown has caused a bit of a stir in this predominantly residential neighbourhood – in a good way. Its pretty bright blue frontage is like a beacon calling locals to its little heated terrace, and inside is a warm welcome and great food. Huge wooden tables rest on old sewing machines, while the vintage tiling on one side is offset by smart new flooring on the other. It’s all a bit crowded, but charming. The speciality here is sharing plates, with a Japanese accent...

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Mairie du 18e