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Your perfect Sunday in Paris

March 15

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Nata Lisboa

Pasteis de nata (little Portuguese pastries with a custard filling) were created in the far western corner of Lisbon at the world-famous Pastelaria de Belém, which still heaves with tourists every summer. Served slightly warm, dusted with cinnamon and made with crisp puff pastry, this delicacy is now popping up all over the place thanks to the Nata Lisboa chain of patisseries, which has opened branches in Braga, Porto and now Paris...

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Paris’s best juice and cold drinks

Ever since the Starbucks Frappucino introduced caffeine to a whole generation of erstwhile coffee sceptics, there has existed a vocal group of consumers who'll only drink their java iced. And ever since Californian new-agers decided that smoothies are an essential component of a spiritually balanced life, cafés have had to cater to those who'll only take their fruit blended. Needless to say, we approve of these trends...

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Critics' choice

Le Domaine de Chamarande in Essonne, just a few minutes from Chamarande station on the RER C, comprises a 17th century chateau with 98ha of grounds – a magical stretch of forests, lawns and lakes. In summer, the chateau’s resident Centre d’Art puts together a lively mixture of exhibitions and shows, mixing contemporary art and educational angles. So as well as ancient trees and wild geese, you might find wooden dinghies, outdoor bathtubs, giant beehives or yellow rubber ducks hidden in the grounds...

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Domaine de Chamarande et son centre d'art Until Sunday November 1 2015


Critics' choice

This popular Korean canteen fits right in on Rue Saint-Anne, the place to visit for aficionados of Asian cooking. Specialising in barbecue-cooked food, tantalising aromas waft all around the room, so once you’re through the door, there’s no chance you’ll leave. The menu proposes a wide selection of grilled meats (roughly €15 per head), which include chicken, beef and duck. The waiters are highly efficient, setting up a grill on the table before laying down the meat...

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Jacques Audiard's Palme d'Or-winning 'Dheepan' is the story of a Sri Lankan man, woman and child who masquerade as a family to escape to France from the aftermath of their country's civil war. Like the French writer-director's last two films, 'A Prophet' and 'Rust and Bone' , it offers a muscular compassion and a fondness for confrontational storytelling. But for most of 'Dheepan' this is a more urgent, inquiring film with fewer theatrics and less melodrama...

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