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Forum des Images

Forum des Images Time Out Oliver Knight

If you’re into technology, music and film, this spattering of addresses will tick your boxes - from cutting-edge cinema retrospectives at the Cinémathèque Française, to boundary-pushing digital art at the Gaïté-Lyrique.


The underground bunker next to the Centre Pompidou, set up in 1969 by the avant-garde composer Pierre Boulez to create electronic microtonal music for the new century, is looking less redundant

  1. 1 place Igor Stravinsky, 4e
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La Gaîté Lyrique

19th-century composer Jacques Offenbach isn’t usually associated with cutting-edge digital art, but after a 10-year revamp, Offenbach’s former Belle Époque Gaïté Lyrique theatre has been

  1. 3 bis rue Papin, 3e
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Musée de la Musique

Alongside the concert hall, this innovative music museum houses a gleamingly restored collection of instruments from the old Conservatoire, interactive computers and scale models of opera houses and

  1. Cité de la Musique, 221 avenue Jean Jaurès, 19e
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Le Grand Rex

Opened in 1932, this huge art deco cinema was designed by Auguste Bluysen and its fantasy Hispanic interiors by US designer John Eberson. With its wedding-cake exterior, fairy-tale interior and the

  1. 1 boulevard Poissonnière, 2e
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La Cinémathèque Française

Relocated to Frank Gehry's striking, spacious cubist building, the Cinémathèque Française now boasts four screens, a bookshop, a restaurant, exhibition space and the Musée du Cinéma, where it

  1. 51 rue de Bercy, 12e
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Forum des Images

Partly a screening venue for old and little-known movies, and partly an archive for every kind of film featuring Paris. Today the Forum's collection numbers over 6,500 documentaries, adverts,

  1. 2 Grande Galerie, Porte Saint-Eustache-Forum des Halles, 1er
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Musée de l'Opéra

The Palais Garnier houses temporary exhibitions relating to current opera or ballet productions, along with a permanent collection of paintings, scores and bijou opera sets housed in period cases.

  1. Palais Garnier, 1 place de l'Opéra, 9e
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Centre Pompidou (cinema)

The varied programme here features themed series, experimental and artists' films, and a weekly documentary session. This is also the venue for the Cinéma du Réel festival in March (

  1. Rue Saint-Martin, 4e
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