Earth Hour: 12 things to do in the dark

Updated: 25 Mar 2014

This Earth Hour, Cheng Sim flips the switch and tests out 12 things you can do in the dark.

Candlelight picnic
All you need is a picnic mat, a bottle of champagne and a platter of chocolate coated strawberries to get your romance on track. Lay out your mat at the nearby park, if you like. For A+ effort, take the funicular train up to Penang Hill for clearer view of the stars.

Play Murder Mystery
Gasp! Who murdered Colonel Mustard? If you’re familiar to Cluedo, take this mysterious board game to life and have the characters play out by your friends. Solve the fictitious murder together within the span of one hour.

Star Wars Lightsaber duel

Go to the dark side and relive the famous Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader duel in the living room. If you don’t have a light saber, stick to the torch light swinging. Now, where’s Darth hiding?

Private Earth Hour concert

Rearrange the furniture and make some space for an Earth Hour family jam. Make use of household items to create unique beats and sounds. For opening act, start off with a sing-along to ‘go green’ tracks like Michael Jackson’s Heal the World and Zainal Abidin’s Hijau.

Pub crawl challenge
The challenge: Hit as many bars as you can in an hour with your friends and come up with a solid game plan complete with a list of bars, its happy hour deals and drinking challenges. Always have a designated driver on hand and recycle those empty beer bottles, guys.

Walk your dog
When was the last time you spend a quality walk with your 'best friend'? Now that the telly is shut off, take a nice walk amidst semi-lit streets and do a count of neighbours who have their lights off.

Lantern party
So, you have lantern leftovers from last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival? Gather the kids for a lantern night walk at the neighbourhood playground or your front porch.

Dining in the dark
Here’s a fresh uplift to ordinary family dinners. Lay out a platter of snacks, switch off the lights and feel your dinner with your bare hands before tasting. Remember to prepare dishes that are easy on the palate and hands. Fine bones and tough-to-break shells are strict no-no.

Alone time
Set up a bubble bath, pop your favourite music in the player, light a candle or two and take pleasure in an hour of relaxation minus the electronics and people.

Blind wine tasting
Throw a blind wine tasting party with your friends. Ask each to bring a bottle, cover the label and enjoy a guessing game over glasses of three or four mysterious wines. This will not only hone your palate but also rekindle friendships over delicious vino.

Save up on expensive facials and get a do-it-yourself facial mask for a home spa feel. Rejuvenate your complexion, enjoy a quick snooze and the hour will be over in no time.

Earth Hour is a global drive to raise awareness on climate change and global warming. Penang will share their support by switching off non-essential lights from 8.30pm-9.30pm on Mar 29 (Saturday).

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