Five Places to Volunteer

Updated: 17 Jan 2014
Photo by Su Aziz

Volunteer work can be fun, educational or fulfilling. Whichever way you choose to invest your free time doing something meaningful, Su Aziz has ideas on a non-profit organisation or two to help you along.

Four-Legged Friends
At the SPCA Penang, there’s plenty to do with the animals in the shelter such as bathing, walking and socialising with them. There’s also handyman’s stuff you can help with such as washing or painting their premises and kennels or administrative work in their office. However, as much as they welcome volunteers at any time, right now they’re specifically looking for people who have time on weekdays to help with walking, interacting and training the dogs, cats and kittens available for adoption at their shelter. Otherwise they can always use help with fund raising events. Log onto and click on ‘Helping Us’ for more details.

Keeping Heritage Safe
George Town World Heritage Inc. not only monitors George Town’s heritage buildings but also its culture, preserves history and manages while promoting every aspect of the town’s historical aspect. ‘Friends of George Town Heritage’ is their volunteer program not only to increase awareness within the public but also to engage and encourage their active role in heritage activities. There’ll be training provided to ensure better coordination and optimum use of human resource. Log onto to find out about this volunteer program.

Show ‘Em You Care
Charis Hospice is a non-profit organisation providing free medical support home care services to anyone with advanced illness throughout Penang, irrespective of race and religion. What they need is someone who’s mobile, good with people and flexible with their time to volunteer in a myriad departments such as their editorial team, administrative support, ladies’ craft team, at their multi-activity centre, annual fund raising event and of course, maintenance of the centre. Log onto for more details on their services and contact.

Artful and HIP
Arts-ED is non-profit and it provides non-formal arts and culture education programs for young people. They do seek project basis and long term volunteers who are interested to use creative arts as a tool for community development. Right now, their Heritage in Penang (HIP) project is targeted to those between 16 and 35 years old. HIP’s designed to create an even bigger awareness on Penang’s heritage while getting to know George Town by sharing their experience of the town via #HIPshots and #HIPpix challenge. Log onto facebook theHIPproject or to find out more about volunteering and the HIP project.

Flora and Fauna
Friends of the (Penang) Botanic Gardens Society is a voluntary organisation aims to support the botanic, horticultural, educational and recreational aspects of the Penang Botanic Gardens through suitable activities such as eco education and nature trips for school kids. Besides that, they also promote scientific research and conservation of plants. Those interested to volunteer with them have to go to their centre at 673A, Jalan Kebun Bunga or log onto for more information.

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