Five minutes with Timothy Sangawa

Updated: 31 Oct 2013

TV personality and the face of Li TV (Life Inspired), Timothy Sangawa muses about his latest travel show, 'Stopover: Penang' and ultimate travel pet-peeve. By Cheng Sim

Let’s talk about your latest travel show, ‘Stopover: Penang’. What can Penangites look forward to in the show?
Penangites can look forward to seeing me showcase their fantastic little island. It’s easy to see why it’s called The Pearl of the Orient.

How is 'Stopover' different from any other travel shows on Penang?
With Stopover, I’m focusing on a quick one or two-day trip, so the idea is to have as much fun in the shortest time possible.

What's the most interesting thing about travelling to you?
I’m a big believer that it’s important to experience different cultures and customs in life. It really helps you grow as a person.

What was your favourite meal in Penang?
[laugh] Now this is a tough one. It is really hard to say because each meal was an event, from the five star dining I did in Suffolk House right the way to the other end of the spectrum at the night food market. It’s like going to Italy and asking which coffee was the best. It’s all good!

Any food in Penang you didn’t manage to sample from your list?
No, I pretty much tried most of the things I wanted to try. If there’s anything out there you can recommend, just let me know via Instagram (@timosangawa) and I’ll be straight back to sample it.

Street food versus heritage architecture: Which of this is Penang’s greater feature in your opinion?
I don't think there’s even the need to have a competition between the two. It’s like trying to compare apples with oranges. They’re totally different but at the same time they both have their merits.

Do you have a travel pet peeve?
Honestly speaking, people who always have to stay in top class hotels and luxury accommodation really get on my nerves. Yes, I’ve stayed in my fair share of top-end places, Macalister Mansion being an excellent example, but when you travel, its all about discovering the essence of your location, seeing the place through the eyes of the average Joe. That's when the true splendour of a destination truly reveals itself.

What’s your ultimate travel tip for travellers who haven’t been to Penang?
Go to Penang!

Complete the sentence: “When you’re in Penang, the one thing you have to see is…”
Everything you can feast your lips and eyes on!

Catch Timothy Sangawa in Stopover: Penang premiering on Oct 31, 11.30pm and repeats on Nov 3, 7.30pm and Nov 16, 6.30pm. Exclusively on Life Inspired, Astro B.yond (CH728). For latest updates on Timothy Sangawa, follow his tweets and instagram.

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