New Year's Resolutions

Updated: 3 Jan 2013

Here, we list down a few New Year’s resolutions from some of the people whom the Time Out Penang team have encountered throughout 2012 in Penang. While some are side-splitting funny, others are sober and sincere intentions. We wish them good luck and resolute in keeping their resolve in 2013.

What is your New Year's resolution for 2013?
Eat more dark chocolate, tell my reflection that I’m gorgeous and to love a lot more!
Freelance singer-songwriter and lover of life
Tanjung Bungah

To follow my heart and be happy.”
Joe Sidek
Festival Director for George Town Festival
Tanjung Bungah

It’s the same each year – happiness and to run a marathon!
Teng Woan Shyan
Architect at Arkitek Permata
Batu Ferringhi

To be happier and healthier. To live simply, exercise more frequently and stay healthy.
Suleiman Tunku Abdul Rahman
Director of Communications at Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts
Tanjung Bungah

To learn a new language – French!
Ronald Tan
Digital Marketing Executive at Watershed (UK)
Bayan Lepas

Produce one helluva debut EP! Make sure it is memorable and something people will talk about for a while
Freelance urban poet and songwriter
Bayan Baru

To plan and manage my work and studies better. Also, to get fit by eating healthy and going to the gym. Oh, and join the Penang bridge international marathon in 2013. And read at least 12 books. Finally, I’d like to travel.”
Nurul Aziah
Teacher at SK Syed Sheh, Kedah
Bayan Lepas

I’d like to get married to my fiancé. Then bring her and our son, who are abroad, here. And after that’s done, to stop smoking.
Matthias Tretbar
Chef de Cuisine at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
Batu Ferringhi

To tidy up loose ends, whether in my personal or professional life.
Nazlina Hussin
Culinary Guide at Nazlina Spice Station
George Town

To spend more time with my two young sons.”
Eileen Chong
Communications & Public Relations Manager at E&O Hotel
Island Glades, Penang

To keep developing my (clothes design) creativity. I want to put more time in designing a modern cheongsam that can suit all women. I’d like for it to be elegant and yet vintage or traditional in feel. And of course, I plan to do more sophisticated wedding gowns for 2013 brides!
Samantha Chua
Fashion Designer at Emmanuel Haute Couture
George Town

I will stop yelling at inanimate objects – you know, like when the traffic lights doesn’t turn green quickly enough or when I ask it to!
YL Neo
Web Developer at BossMeow.Com
Bagan Jermal

To spend more time with my family and to exercise more.
Christina Tan
PR Manager at G Hotel
Batu Ferringhi

To be a ‘lesser’ person or widen the doorways to my home and office. Also, I may need to make my car into a convertible. Lastly, I resolve not to make more than one resolution per year – I’m not a greedy person nor do I want a checklist.
ML Lim
Space Manager at Work Palette
Who lives “on a spot on the island where the view is still good”

Well, like most, I don't keep to my resolutions. Although, I try to and have the best of intentions when I do make them. Thats why I'm choosing to be more specific with my resolutions this year. So, here goes! I’d like to read more – 40 books by year end, paint or carve four art pieces, compile and exhibit my photography, travel to Bali, Bangkok and Jakarta besides one more unknown place, spend more time attempting to volunteer for a good cause, improve my craft by 200% and make sure the people I love, know I love them.
Vivian Adelene Adram
Designer at vivi[d]sgn, also singer and go-to-girl
Batu Ferringhi

To live a healthier lifestyle than I do now and be a better person. Oh, and also make more art!
Teresa Moh
Graphic Designer at Mongoose Asia
Air Itam

Never to go to a gift wrapping counter/service again. Ever realized we spend a whole lot more on wrapping a gift? I will endeavor to learn how to wrap my own gifts because right now, I am a klutz at it!
Amy Aw
Artisanal ice cream creator at ScoopS
Green Lane

My new resolution for 2013 is to lead a healthier life and to exercise more.
William Chong
Regional Sales Manager at Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits Sdn Bhd
Batu Ferringhi

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