Penang Top Five: Jonathan Yun

Updated: 7 Sep 2012

Jonathan Yun’s sculpted pieces are delicate and eye-catching as they adorn necks, wrists and fingers. A born and bred Penangite, he spends a lot of time in his gallery on Armenian Street. Here, he lists his Top Five of where to eat around the heritage area of George Town.

1. Veloo Villas at Little India
In Little India, on Penang Street, at number 22 is Veloo Villas. This South Indian eatery is always packed and it serves awesome banana leaf rice along with spicy curries. A basic banana leaf rice with 3-4 types of vegetables and papadom will not cost you more than RM5.

2. Tho Yuen Chicken Rice Restaurant
On Campbell Street, Tho Yuen restaurant is in number 94. Now, this Chinese food place brings back memories of yesteryears for me. They’ve pretty much remained same through the years in terms of flavour and quality. I remembered the flavours from way back when we used to go while growing up in Penang, especially my favourite dish, Hoong Tho Mee. There's no other like this in the whole of Penang, if I’m not mistaken.

3. Char Kuay Teow at Kimberley Street
In Penang, everyone looks for that outstanding dish of char kuay teow. Well, for me, it’s Kimberley Street char kuay teow. Why? Simply because I prefer its wetter or moist version as compared to the norm and you should try it with additional ingredients such as crayfish.

4. Beef Kuay Teow Soup at Lam Ah Coffee Shop
At the corner of Chulia Street and Beach Street is Chinese coffee shop that serves beef kuay teow soup. The yummy, steaming hot broth is heaven to slurp. There’s also a dry noodle version which also comes with a bowl of soup. The noodle is so buttery and fragrant that I can eat it on its own! To cool things down, the nutmeg juice this coffee shop makes is one of the few that uses fresh nutmegs and not concentrated juice or cordial. The fried oyster stall there serves a crispy variety of the eggy dish.

5. Duck Rice at Cheong Fatt Tze Road
If you’re prepared for a long wait during lunch hour for a plate of tender, fragrant duck pieces, the duck rice place on Cheong Fatt Tze Road is it. It is truly worth the wait. Its char siew and roast pork are also fantastic. This place is only open for lunch.

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