This is my Penang: Nicol Ann David

Updated: 18 May 2014

The world’s number one professional squash player, Datuk Nicol Ann David takes pride in being a Penangite. Although she spends most of her time abroad, Penang is where her heart is. If you’re new to Penang and you wish to blend with the locals, let Nicol show you how it’s done in three simple ways. By Cheng Sim

Share three ways for a tourist to blend in with the locals
First, eat with the locals at the various hawker stalls. Secondly, go to the markets in Little India or other wet markets like in Batu Lanchang or Jelutong to discover how families live from day to day. Lastly, carry an umbrella while walking in the sun!

Where’s the best place for breakfast?
There are too many places! My favourites are the curry mee and pancakes across Belissa Row in Pulau Tikus as well as the roti bakar place at Sungai Tiram towards the airport.

What are your thoughts on Penang today?
I'm truly proud of Penang and how it has kept its beauty and heritage the way it is now. Every time I come back home the development of the island really amazes me, and it still maintains its simplicity in the way only Penang knows how.

What are your hopes and dreams for Penang?
I hope Penang continues to offer her greatest features while staying true to our heritage as much as possible because that's who we are and what represents us Penangites.

One local word you would teach to first-time tourist to Penang
‘Makan lah!’ (Eat!)

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