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Updated: 7 May 2014
Photos by Su Aziz

Time Out says

Mary's Garden has ceased operations until further notice.

There’s no doubting dim sum as a popular choice for breakfast here. However, for the longest time, this tapas style servings of steamed dumplings stuffed with minced pork and cotton-soft pau stuffed with chopped meat braised in sweet-savoury gravy, can only be found in Chinese coffee shops. Then mid-range eateries such as Mary’s Kitchen mushroomed and may charge a little more than the average coffee shops but in return, it offers air-conditioning, clean surroundings and comfortable seating.

The sceptics question whether these mid-range restaurants serve dim sum as good as those humble, little coffee shops and the meals’ authenticity is kept intact? Well, here at the newly opened Mary’s Garden, we certainly think so and it’s confirmed by the 10am Sunday crowd of Penangites and their family savouring serving after serving of dim sum choices.

Braised beancurd roll

Mary’s  Cantonese or Hong Kong style dim sum menu of three to four pages consist of more than 15 choices and this include the must-have steamed siu mai filled with minced pork. Each serving of dim sum comes in a bamboo steaming basket from RM5.50 each. Each basket holds three pieces of each choice but there are a few that are only two pieces.

Besides that, we enjoy their prawn rice rolls drenched in light and salty soya sauce at RM6.50, braised beancurd roll also stuffed with minced pork and stuffed eggplant that’s first fried before steamed in a tauchu, peppery sauce. For a little fried dim sum variety, the crunch of thin, delicate beancurd skin filled with prawns is simple heavenly.

Comfortable interior of the restaurant

Like a lot of Asian dishes, the secret’s always in the dipping sauces that either makes or breaks the meal. Mary’s dim sum dipping sauces of sweet brown and spicy chilli sauce are all right. However, it’s their fried dark chilli sambal filled with chopped dried prawns that punctuates dishes such as the prawn rice roll and their stir-fried cubes of marshmallow-soft radish cake with crunchy, fresh bean sprouts and egg. This dish is good for two people at RM10 and is totally carbohydrate happy!

Service is quite quick and it’s a comfortable spot for families. It’s a popular breakfast venue these days, so be sure to get there early. Mary’s offer a range of noodle dishes such as wantan mee with roasted duck and meaty dishes such as sweet and sour pork ribs along with fry kum hiong prawns. Kitty Kaye

More details on the restaurant's location and opening details here.

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