Mixology 101: Midori

Updated: 22 Jul 2013

This liqueur intoxicates the same way as grandma’s jasmine scented perfume – a little too sweet but you get used to it all the same and beefing it up is easy enough, discovers Kitty Kaye.

Green with envy
This Japanese-born melon liqueur had a great start in life. Launched into New York’s high society and the world at the famous, if not notorious club, Studio 54 in the late 70’s and endorsed by Kim Kadarshian till early 2013, the green hued drink has become a vital supporting act in a lot of cocktails. Not to mention how it enhances the green in St. Patrick’s Day concoctions – a salute to the meaning of its name that means ‘green’ in Japanese. 

A Party on Your Palate
Sticky sweet on its own, the liqueur has the subtle but distinct flavour of the two sort of Japanese melons it’s made out of – yubari and musk melons. The resilient melon flavour remains intact when mixed and diluted into cocktails, as does its colour, leaving a happy parade of after taste on your palate sip after sip. The liqueur contains a mere 20 to 21 per cent alcohol.

Green is the New Pink?
No way! Green will stubbornly remain green, at least where Midori is concerned. At a recent Midori Full Moon party organised by Asiaeuro at Bora Bora by Sunset Bistro, too many guys declined trying the three Midori based cocktails served citing the liqueur as ‘a girl’s drink’. Well, we beefed it up, made it as masculine as a whisky sour and won over quite a few hunks that night.

A Little Sour, A Little Sweet
The challenge, most will find with Midori, is how to tone down its in-your-face sweetness and fragrance. You can try their three latest cocktails, all shaken over ice. A shot of Midori, half a shot of Triple Sec, half a shot of vodka, a shot of lemon juice and top up with pineapple juice is Midori Illusion. To get Midori Splice mix a shot of Midori, a shot of Malibu, 30ml of cream and top up with pineapple juice to get a pina colada with a twist. Finally, mix a shot of Midori, a shot of lychee liqueur and top up with equal halves of cranberry and orange juice.
Our Midori Cocktail: We amped up a short drink with a shot of Midori, two shots of lime juice, a dash of pineapple juice and stirred in ice to win over the guys!



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