Soap up: Three homemade soaps to try

Updated: 21 Aug 2012

There’s a smell of soapmaking in the air, with local Malaysian soapmakers taking over the internet. Sourced from locally grown ingredients and produced with a minimum of chemicals, handmade soaps are no longer just for hippies.

Handmade soapers also have complete control over the ingredients we include in our formulations,’ explains Michelle Ho of Kinder Soaps, ‘so we can opt out of using things like preservatives and artificial fragrances which are common skin irritants. Properly formulated cold process soaps lather naturally without the need for synthetic foaming agents such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), which, if left untreated and allowed to empty directly into waterways, encourage algal blooms which choke off oxygen supply to other living organisms in the water.’

Kalleo Soaps Ebony Overflow, RM15 (pictured above)
Formulated with activated charcoal to unclog congested pores, deep cleanse and detoxify skin, Ebony Overflow is great for those with oily skin and body acne. It’s also scented with eucalyptus essential oil for its deodorant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Kinder Soaps Breakfast Bar, RM20
Olive oil, honey, yoghurt and ground oatmeal make this a particularly moisturising meal for your skin. Ground oatmeal is a traditional remedy for itchy skin, and honey is a natural humectant, drawing water from the atmosphere onto the skin.

Lullabelle Soaps Love Cherry Loofah soap, RM16
You can exfoliate and cleanse all in one with this inventive loofah soap. It has lavender-infused loofah running through the soap bar, to exfoliate dead skin and encourage blood flow to the skin surface. The addition of French green clay absorbs oils and impurities, while Calendula and lavender oil soothe the skin.

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