National icons • Time Out’s Washington monument and memorial guide

Whether you’re new to DC or in need of a patriotic pick-me-up, follow our itinerary and reacquaint yourself with the commanding heritage of the capital city



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  • The White House

    © Elan Fleisher

    Start on Pennsylvania Avenue with a bright and early Hail to the Chief.

    The White House
  • The Washington Monument

    © Sarah Bourn

    Head down the hill to the National Mall and do a lap round the nation’s favorite obelisk.

    The Washington Monument
  • National World War II Memorial

    © Shutterstock

    Be awed by the vast geopolitical scale of the Second World War.

    National World War II Memorial
  • Vietnam Women's Memorial

    © Shutterstock

    Find Faith, Hope and Charity in Constitution Gardens.

    Vietnam Women's Memorial
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial

    Stop for a while and lose yourself in your thoughts—everyone does—when confronted by the human cost.

    Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • The Three Soldiers

    © Shutterstock

    Move along now, past Frederick Hart's affecting sculpture.

    The Three Soldiers
  • The Lincoln Memorial

    © Sarah Bourn

    Read the words, get a lump in your throat, feel better.

    The Lincoln Memorial
  • © Sarah Bourn

    Glance back on three great American icons aligned.

  • Korean War Veterans Memorial

    © Sarah Bourn

    Join the ranks of Frank Gaylord's disconcerting depiction of a multinational squad on patrol.

    Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • They will stay with you for a while…

  • DC War Memorial

    © Sarah Bourn

    Head into West Potomac Park, past the District’s tribute to those who gave their lives in World War I.

    DC War Memorial
  • Martin Luther King Memorial

    Skirt the the Potomac’s Tidal Basin to pay your respects at the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial.

    Martin Luther King Memorial
  • FDR Memorial

    © Shutterstock

    Follow FDR through the 20th century’s crisis decades, in the tableaux of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

    FDR Memorial
  • George Mason Memorial

    © Shutterstock

    Cross over into East Potomac Park to meet a Founding Father, or two…

    George Mason Memorial
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial

    © Elan Fleisher

    Commemorating the Third President in his own favored architectural style, John Russell Pope’s Jefferson Memorial is a neoclassical masterpiece in a town full of neoclassical icons.

    Thomas Jefferson Memorial

    © Shutterstock

    Cross the Potomac on Ohio Drive towards the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

  • The Capitol building

    © Shutterstock

    And a leisurely stroll up the National Mall completes your monumental circuit.

    The Capitol building
  • © Sarah Bourn

The White House

© Elan Fleisher

Start on Pennsylvania Avenue with a bright and early Hail to the Chief.

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