Mitja Vida

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Ivan Giménez
Mitja Vida

Fans of sayings and stuffed olives, the Morro Fi locals (blog and bar), there's a new spot for you in Mitja Vida. Much bigger than its predecessor, Mitja Vida has set itself up in Sant Gervasi, right near Plaça de Molina. Around a stainless steel bar, a row of stools and a hunger-inducing counter where they serve up 'mojama' (filleted salt-cured tuna), anchovies, calamares and herring. These are simple things, but done extremely well – the exquisite austerity of a good anchovy and the constant homage to the type of classic bar this town has always known.

Venue name: Mitja Vida
Address: Brusi, 39

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 6pm-11pm; Fri, Sat noon-4pm, 6pm-1am; Sun, hols noon-4pm.
Transport: Sant Gervasi (FGC)
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