True Romance

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  • Comedy
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When Detroit comic-store assistant Clarence (Slater) and novice whore Alabama (Arquette) meet, not only do they immediately fall in love, but the tone of her voice-over lets us know that we're in for a Badlands-style rerun. Having killed her monstrous pimp (Oldman, OTT) and accidentally stolen his coke haul, the pair head for Hollywood, pausing only to bid farewell to his drunkard dad Clifford (Hopper). But the couple's get-rich-quick plans go awry when suave mob boss Coccotti (Walken) tries to 'persuade' Clifford to divulge his son's whereabouts. If the romance seldom seems 'true', the spiralling violence (script, Quentin Tarantino) does succeed, in a brutish, cod-Jacobean kind of way.

Release details

Release date: Tuesday February 19 2013
Duration: 120 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Tony Scott
Screenwriter: Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Patricia Arquette
Christopher Walken
Brad Pitt
Gary Oldman
Val Kilmer
Dennis Hopper
Christian Slater
Samuel L Jackson