New brunch reviews: tacos, beer and bagels for brunch

We review the new weekend brunches available at avec, Takito Kitchen, DryHop Brewers and RM Champagne Salon.



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  • Credit: Zach Johnston

    Takito Kitchen's Spanish ham and eggs comes with a stack of patatas bravas.

  • Credit: Zach Johnston

    Takito Kitchen's vegetable sope includes a fried egg and queso fresco.

  • Photo courtesy DryHop Brewers

    DryHop Brewer's Captain's French toast is crusted with Cap'n Crunch and topped with liquid cheesecake.

  • Photo courtesy DryHop Brewers

    Hank's Plate at DryHop Brewers includes eggs, brown sugar-glazed bacon, potato casserole and biscuits and gravy.

  • Photo courtesy DryHop Brewers

    DryHop Brewers has three omelets on the brunch menu, including one with mushrooms and Thuringer sausage.

  • Photo courtesy Avec

    Avec's brunch menu includes blueberry polenta coffee cake with basil lemon curd and whipped cream cheese.

  • Photo courtesy Avec

    Avec's brunch menu includes coddled eggs with roasted mushrooms, taleggio fonduta, bitter greens and garlic crostini.

  • Photo courtesy RM Champagne Salon

    RM Champagne Salon features a brunch buffet every Sunday afternoon.

Credit: Zach Johnston

Takito Kitchen's Spanish ham and eggs comes with a stack of patatas bravas.

In these final fleeting moments of summer we're desperately trying to cling to every moment outdoors, so the patio at RM Champagne Salon seemed like the perfect spot for brunch one recent Sunday morning. And it was. But the food wasn't the perfect accompaniment to the nicely hidden spot off Randolph Street. Brunch is served buffet-style inside the restaurant and consists of chafing dishes filled with barely warm potatoes, French toast, bacon, bread pudding and more. The end of the buffet table is filled with a puzzling assortment of couscous, bagels and lox, vegetables and pastries. The two eggs that come with the buffet are the only items made to order and they come to the table lifeless and seemingly missing salt and pepper. The lack of flavor was a common theme throughout the buffet, especially in the French toast that tasted like something you might find at the carnival. The housemade pastries and cocktails were easily the highlight of the meal, which we have a hard time calling brunch, considering service doesn't even start until 1pm. For a Champagne-focused restaurant we were expecting more than the usual mimosa on the drink menu, but were pleasantly surprised with the not-too-sweet Parisian lemonade and the boozy coffee-laced frappe.—Erin Delahanty

The food fared much better at Takito Kitchen, where sopes (corn masa cakes) and Spanish ham and eggs mingle with tacos and salsas off the regular menu. Plus the brunch here is also available on Friday afternoons, and we will always condone ducking out of work early for salty bites of Serrano ham served with cheddar eggs and a side of patatas bravas. Seriously, this spin on home fries is genius. We also liked the chicken pepian sope, a great hangover dish, thanks to pickles, a runny egg and shredded chicken. Order a trio of tacos for the table—we’re partial to the redfish with carrot-jalapeno slaw—and a spicy sangrienta, a tequila and chartreuse tomato cocktail, and you’re ready for an afternoon nap.—Amy Cavanaugh

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