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Las Vegas's best buffet restaurants

Eat all you can and more with our guide to Las Vegas buffet restaurants

Thomas Hart Shelby

What with the new local appetites for exotic fusion food and five-star cuisine, it's easy to forget what Vegas does best: buffets. Among the best restaurants in Las Vegas, these buffet joints serve up supremely succulent smorgasbords of eggs, pancakes, sausages, seafood and more. Whether you're sampling the sushi and sake at the stylish Sterling Brunch or stuffing yourself with desserts at the smart Golden Nugget Buffet, you're guaranteed to get your money's worth at these all-you-can-eat extravaganzas. Let the chomping commence.

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Wicked Spoon

Critics' pick

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in buffet dining, the Wicked Spoon serves up a spread unlike any other. This isn’t a line up and heap it on your plate place. Here, you can sample a variety of items you’re unlikely to find at other buffets: dim sum, miniature chicken pot pies, pork chalupas—all served on individual-sized plates and designed to mix and match.

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Las Vegas

Bacchanal Buffet

Named the best buffet of 2013 by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, this spread at Caesars Palace is nothing short of amazing. With more than 500 different dishes prepared in nine different kitchens—each with a culinary theme of its own—Bacchanal shouldn’t just offer a single meal. It should offer a weekly pass.

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The Strip

Buffet at Bellagio

The Buffet at Bellagio is very much like the rest of the hotel: smart yet approachable, stylish yet undemonstrative, expensive yet probably just about worth it. Usual buffet fare gets upgraded with extras such as venison, steamed clams and crab legs. Dinner on Friday and Saturday is gourmet, so expect to go all out.

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Golden Nugget Buffet

Downtown’s smartest buffet more than delivers the goods that its reputation demands of it. The room isn’t particularly cozy, but the quality of the food more than compensates. The offerings are near the top of the Vegas food chain, especially the carvery and the excellent desserts.

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Sterling Brunch

Not to be mistaken with déclassé feed-your-face experiences, Bally’s Sunday-only Sterling Brunch is the buffet’s upscale sibling. Yes, you can have as much as you want, but think caviar and champagne; crab claws, sushi and sake; a lobster and cognac omelette. You’ll pay for all this, sure. But there’s a reason it’s been running for 25 years.

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The Strip

Le Village Buffet

The one French-themed casino in town really should offer a good buffet, and so it does. The 400-seat Le Village Buffet has stations representing five French provinces, and dishes up a variety of fine foods (it’s especially good for meat-lovers). But go easy on starters and mains, so as to save room for the fresh pastries and desserts.

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The Strip

Carnival World Buffet

A favorite among locals, the pioneering Carnival World Buffet journeys the planet for its food. It’s an idea that several other casinos have since copied, but no one has yet topped the Rio’s intercontinental spreads, which take in everything from sushi to barbecue ribs. Finish with a slice of one of the 70 varieties of house-made pies, cakes or pastries.

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