The 20 best bars in Las Vegas

Whether solo or with a bunch of friends, grab a drink at the best bars in Las Vegas to have a guaranteed fun time

Photograph: Zackery Williams

Had enough of spending time and money at the best Las Vegas casinos, the best pools in Vegas and the best Las Vegas clubs and music venues? Grab your friends and head to the best bars in Las Vegas instead. With a drink in hand, you'll have a guaranteed fun time at these local spots both on and off the Strip. 


Best bars in Las Vegas


Herbs & Rye

5 out of 5 stars

This swank joint is a standalone building in the middle of the city that draws both tourists and locals by the dozens. Excellent food, including half-priced steaks at happy hour, is only exceeded by the cocktail program—which can match up with any in the country. The bartenders will offer drinks that date back to olden eras: Try the Pimms cup, the Golden Age of the 1800s and Prohibition in the 1900s—trust us.

West Las Vegas

Velveteen Rabbit

5 out of 5 stars

The Dylag Sisters, who own and operate this place, have spent much of their adulthood in and around bars. The design is warm, friendly and ultra-modern. Cocktails rotate seasonally. DJs spin their tunes while wall projections add creativity to their sets. The concrete backyard is ideal for live entertainment.



5 out of 5 stars

Perhaps the kitschiest watering hole on the list, ReBar is part bar and part antique shop. Literally everything you see is for sale. Lamps, pictures, chairs—you can buy anything in here. The vibe is laid back and a movie screen was recently added to the outdoor area for even more chill entertainment. Buy a chair, then sit it in to a watch a movie while you drink the night away.


Double Down Saloon

5 out of 5 stars

Nasty, grody, grungy, dank, dirty, sweaty and damn fun. The Double Down is the original punk rock bar of Las Vegas and features such famous cocktails as the bacon martini and a lovely drink simply known as Ass Juice. The venue’s second location, in New York, lacks the charm that the Las Vegas homestead still boasts.

University District

Libertine Social - Mandalay Bay

5 out of 5 stars

If a list of top Las Vegas bars doesn’t include Tony Abou-Ganim’s spots, don’t even bother consulting it. The man known as the “modern mixologist” is a legend in the game and runs the drink program here. The enormous space features multiple dining areas and bars. The food is next-level gastropub thanks to celebrity chef Shawn McClain and the drinks, which heavily focus on Caribbean swizzles, are whimsical and unique. Arcade Bar, which sits in the back of Libertine, is like its own little club, courtesy of the modern mixologist himself.


The Bunkhouse Saloon

5 out of 5 stars

The third incarnation of this deep Downtown bar is the best yet. It’s far enough from other area bars to feel like a world unto itself. Fans of indie rock and hip hop both flock here as the indoor stage often features some of the dopest touring acts out there. The outdoor area boasts a lawn, multiple stages, a bar, a taco stand and an immobile pickup truck. Because why not?


Mandarin Bar - Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

5 out of 5 stars

The most elegant bar on the Strip sits 23 floors up in the Mandarin Hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows give guests a stunning view of the Strip. The modern cocktails boast the same Asian influences that make up the hotel’s theme while a private room—The Edge—is ideal for those looking for something more intimate. Also check out the monthly “Mixologist in the Making” course, where patrons can up their drink-making skills.

The Strip

Atomic Liquors

5 out of 5 stars

After gaining notoriety in The Hangover, this downtown drinking destination has undergone a major facelift. A much cleaner interior has maximized the space. The outdoor patio is one of the best in the city: It’s not only perfect for late night conversations but an excellent people watching spot for those who want to observe the craziness of Fremont Street at night.


The Sand Dollar Lounge

5 out of 5 stars

No city is complete without a blues bar. The Sand Dollar dates back to the mid ‘70s. Back then, it was the preeminent spot in Las Vegas for those looking to witness excellent blues music playing while enjoying a drink. After closing for two years, community support resuscitated the popular spot. Famous musicians such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King and Mick Jagger all have rambled through the Sand Dollar. The music is matched by a classic cocktail program and a one-of-a-kind feel.


Dino's Lounge

5 out of 5 stars

No visit to Vegas would be complete without a stop at this dive bar. During the day and early in the week at night, it’s quiet, but things amp up between Thursdays and Saturdays, when karaoke occupies all patrons. The party host is Danny Gee, a fixture of the scene and the man who makes every night a great night. Plus: A rotating roster of restaurants occupy the outdoor shack.

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