The ten best movie witches

Hollywood's most notable hocus pocus hags



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Vampires are dead: 2013 is officially the season of the witch. As ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (aka ‘the new “Twilight”’) opens, Cath Clarke and Tom Huddleston pick the best screen sorceresses.


Mater Suspiriorum, The Mother of Sighs (actress uncredited)

'Suspiria' (1977)

Wrinkly. By the time she turns up in Dario Argento’s high-tension horror masterpiece, The Mother of Sighs is a couple of centuries old, and looks it. According to star Jessica Harper, she was played by ‘a 90-year-old ex-hooker Dario found on the streets of Rome’.

Evil deeds
Killing innocent young ballet dancers in the most gruesomely inventive ways possible: her methods include stained glass, reanimated corpses and barbed wire.

Scare factor
9/10. Thanks to her telekinetic powers, you never know when or where this bad Mother is going to strike (though the eerie chimes on the soundtrack do kind of give it away).

Wyrd words
‘You wanted to kill me! Now death is coming for you!’

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