The ten best movie witches

Hollywood's most notable hocus pocus hags



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Vampires are dead: 2013 is officially the season of the witch. As ‘Beautiful Creatures’ (aka ‘the new “Twilight”’) opens, Cath Clarke and Tom Huddleston pick the best screen sorceresses.


Jane Spofford, Alexandra Medford and Sukie Ridgemont
(Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and Cher)

'The Witches of Eastwick' (1987)

Small-town chic. These three middle-class, middle-American ladies-who-lunch may dabble in the dark arts, but they don’t go in for the whole black-hat-and-broomstick aesthetic.

Evil deeds
Bullying poor town busybody Veronica Cartwright by making her vomit cherry stones until her husband beats her to death with a poker. Nice work, ladies.

Scare factor
3/10. The real terror in town is Jack Nicholson’s seductive, satanic homunculus. The women are just pawns in his game.

Wyrd words
‘I hope his dick is bigger than his IQ.’

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