Film events this week: LA's best films, fests and flicks

Check out our critics' picks for this week's best screenings, fests, Q&As and other film events across Los Angeles.

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Looking for the best film events in LA? Whether you prefer drive-ins, director Q&As or outdoor screenings, we've got you covered with our weekly film critic's picks. Read on for the best of the big screen this week.

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American Cheerleader screening

Critics' pick

Head to Santa Monica for a screening of this unexpectedly moving 2014 documentary, which peers into the real-life world of competetive cheerleading—as opposed to, say, the "Bring It On" version. The film follows two squads from New Jersey and Kentucky as they compete for the coveted National High School Cheerleading Championship. It plays at the Aero for one night only.

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American Cinematheque at the Aero Theatre Saturday May 2 2015

Baraka screening

Critics' pick

Settle in for a double feature of Mark Magidson's stunning two films, Baraka and Samsara. First, circumscribe the globe at the 70mm-print screening of 1992's Baraka, a 96-minute wordless, visual stunner of a documentary—and one of the Cinematheque's favorite movies. The marvel of cinematography consists of a succession of time-lapse images of human life and religion from around the world that range from elevating to heartbreaking. Samsara, another beautiful free-form doc, follows.

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American Cinematheque at the Aero Theatre Sunday May 3 2015

The Curse of Quon Gwon screening

Critics' pick

Glimpse into the early 1900s Chinese American experience with an exclusive screening of the black-and-white film The Curse of Quon Gwon, directed by earliest Chinese female director Marion Wong. Shocking film enthusiasts and historians across the globe, the discovery of this well-preserved gem helped shed light on eastern adaptations into western culture. Stick around post-screening for an informative Q&A with film-preserver Arthur Dong and Dr. Greg Mark of CSUS.

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Japanese American National Museum Wednesday May 13 2015
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Daphna S
Daphna S

I'm definitely going to see Elf. I meeeaaan it features the world's best coffee and pure moments of cinematic genius. Any new indie movies we can add to the list though? I know Arena Cinema in Hollywood is playing "Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale", which is one of my favorites. If you haven't seen that one you've gotta go check it out! Plus that theatre is super cozy and a nice way to spend an evening.