The Blank Generation (1976), directed by Amos Poe and Ivan Král

Read about The Blank Generation, directed by Amos Poe and Ivan Král; No. 89 on our list of the 100 best New York movies.



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New York movies: The Blank Generation (1976)

New York movies: The Blank Generation (1976)

The definitive visual document of the early CBGB scene, Amos Poe and Ivan Král’s out-of-sync home movie captures a who’s who of NYC musical royalty—Tom Verlaine, David Byrne, the Ramones—as they plant the seeds of punk rock. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the moment when downtown found its sound: rough, raw and revolutionary.—David Fear

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Users say

Chris Jameson
Chris Jameson

A simply fantastic document of the virgin punk/new wave scene in NYC. The black and white 8mm footage is out of sync totally with the audio - On purpose, and so it should be. It makes the film what it is. If this had been a professional film, it would not work anywhere near as well. Really gives you a feel of what it was like to be there at the time. Cannot recommend it highly enough.