Top 25 oral sex songs

Heatseeking MC Azealia Banks gets low down—literally—and dirty on "212." What better reason to celebrate the art of oral in pop music?



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15. "I Will" by Danny Brown

There's perhaps no brand of electronic music more sex-obsessed than ghettotech, and so of course the cunnilingus-obsessed Danny Brown turns to the clipped chipmunk dance beats of his hometown to justify the, er, sexual advantages offered by his lack of front teeth.


14. "Lick It" by 20 Fingers feat. Roula

Having already thrown a kitsch-house bull's-eye with 1994's immortal "Short Dick Man," Chicago production team 20 Fingers issued another prime piece of perverted sass the following year. "Lick It" features a cheesed-out guest vocal from otherwise-unknown vocalist Roula, who spends the track incessantly repeating her one ground rule for a prospective lover: "You gotta lick it/Before we kick it/You gotta take that extra step/So we can kick it."


13. "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" by Leonard Cohen

The poet laureate of sex and sadness reflects on a fleeting tryst with Janis Joplin over the course of three devastating minutes. Cohen gets our attention quick with a sordid detail ("giving me head on the unmade bed"), but holds it with an elegy for youth and fame: "That was called love/For the workers in song/Probably still is/For those of them left."


12. "Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song" by Jeffrey Lewis

Is it possible to create a meta-oral song? The New York troubadour creates a sequel of sorts to "Chelsea Hotel No. 2," wondering if he can convince a girl to re-create the events of Cohen's classic. He can't, but he learns a valuable lesson: Write the song after the sexual encounter, so you don't jinx it.


11. "Like a Prayer" by Madonna

The Material Girl has often toyed with the Madonna-whore dichotomy by mixing religious and erotic images, but never more appealingly than in the title track of her 1989 album. "I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there," she sings; notwithstanding the churchy choir behind her, she has her head set on a decidedly earthly heaven.


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