Top 25 oral sex songs

Heatseeking MC Azealia Banks gets low down—literally—and dirty on "212." What better reason to celebrate the art of oral in pop music?



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10. "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed

Though Lou's reference to "giving head" may pale in rudeness to most of the songs on our list, it was beyond controversial on its first release back in 1972. The story—drag queens from Warhol's Factory posse making their way to the city and winding up working as prostitutes—is a quintessential New York tale. A piece of local oral history, if you will.


9. "Reel Around the Fountain" by the Smiths

The Smiths, you say? Gloomy, wet-socks-unsexy British mopesters, writing a song about the pleasures of oral? Well, were you a gay British chap in the 1980s, you would've been fully aware that reel around the fountainwas slang for fellatio. The fountain being, of course, the penis. You're glad we spelled that out, aren't you?


8. "Work It" by Missy Elliott

Okay, so it's not as straight-up sexy-sounding as "Friendly Skies" or "Oops," but this tasty hit from the Under Constructionalbum has Missy shrugging, "You do or you don't or you will or wontcha/Go downtown and eat like a vulture." And of course, "See my butt, yeah my lips don't chap," and "Sex me so good I go blah blah blah." Also, she spins records while covered in flies in the video. Get yr freak on.


7. "Just Like Honey" by the Jesus and Mary Chain

More dour-looking '80s types expounding the joys of the gob (that's mouth in British). "Listen to the girl/As she takes on half the world/Moving up and so alive/In her honey dripping beehive/Beehive/It's good, so good, it's so good/So good..." He means she's sweet, right?


6. "Left & Right" by D'Angelo

Basically every D'Angelo song includes a reference to oral sex, but as far as campaign promises go, "Smack your ass, pull your hair. I'll even kiss you way down there" is up there with, "Yes we can."


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