Top 25 oral sex songs

Heatseeking MC Azealia Banks gets low down—literally—and dirty on "212." What better reason to celebrate the art of oral in pop music?



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5. "Head" by Prince

A product of the young Prince Rogers Nelson's "subtle as a flying mallet" salad days, "Head" also shows that our hot, young, thong-clad Minneapolis sexpert was already well on his way to a peculiar view toward monogamy—which is to say that Prince has no problem jacking a would-be bride on her way to the altar for a little bit of neck-nodding, but damned if he's going to return the favor until she marries him.


4. "Is It All Over My Face" by Loose Joints

The late outsider-music icon Arthur Russell was a somewhat ethereal soul, but he wasn't so airy that base concerns like sex didn't find their way into his work now and then. Take this pumping 1980 dub-disco cut, produced with Steve D'Aquisto under the Loose Joints moniker: Though layered with meaning, it's pretty clear what Russell really has in mind when vocalist Melvina Woods asks "Is it all over my face?" and answers her own question—"Must be love dancing."


3. "Candy Licker" by Marvin Sease

Late, great soulman Marvin Sease made oral mainstream in the '80s, laying down the axioms of the box lunch over the span of ten minutes: "Let me lick you up/Let me lick you down/Turn around baby/Let me lick you all around." Holy slurp!


2. "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith

"Livin' it up when I'm going down..." Direct as ever, Steven Tyler & Co. matched a no-fuss lyric with an equally classy video. Internet overlords say we can't watch it—but we're just as happy to watch Tyler lip-synching along in this "making of" vid.


1. "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" by Khia

The ultimate rubberneck moment for first-time listeners: Wait, did she really? Was that? It was. It's a fine pop song with a catchy hook (the unforgettable "Lick it now, lick it good, lick that pussy like you know you should") and one of few to mention crack in a non-narcotic context. Extra points for the parentheses.


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