Art and culture to see in Paris this summer

Art can be found everywhere – even in the sun, and away from the crowds

Pull up a deckchair for Cinema en Plein Air

Outdoor movie going at its finest, with international films screened for free at sundown in Parc de la Villette, the cutting edge architectural, music and art hub that's a big part of the recent buzz around north-eastern Paris. Expect everything from 'Ocean's Eleven' to Kaurismaki gems, and an easy-going crowd of happy, summery Parisians and visitors.

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Go 'beyond the walls' for contemporary art

Those who don't believe that contemporary art (think 'pretentious, highbrow, trendy, urban') and the suburbs ('rough, dodgy, uncultured, rude') could ever go hand in hand should pop over to the other side of the périphérique from time to time. In the last 20-odd years, between the narrow belt covered by the underground and the oh-so-distant terminuses of the RER lines, contemporary arts centres and galleries have been cropping up all over the place, each bolder and better than the last...

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By: Tania Brimson

Get cheap thrills with cut-price theatre

Seeking out plays in Paris, but put off by the Odéon's €32 tickets? Not all is lost – memberships, special offers and alternative theatres are great ways to experience the French stage scene without shelling out too much. Here are eight tips from our Theatre editor on how to get the most theatrical bang for your buck...

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See skin differently at Tatoueurs, tatoués

After organising two exhibitions of 'outsider art' at the Halle Saint-Pierre, the team behind HEY! magazine are now bringing tattoos to the Musée du Quai Branly. Covering vintage images and contemporary projects, the curators attempt to explore the evolution of body art through the ages, from its traditional mystical and social functions in Africa, Asia and Oceania to the mark of personal style and identity that it has become today in many urban centres. Using works created specially for the occasion, and emphasising the artistic aspect of the practice...

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Musée du Quai Branly Until Sun Oct 18

Gawp at a black-and-white mosaic of selfies at the Panthéon

From the favelas of Brazil to a famous Parisian landmark, French photographer-cum-street-artist JR certainly gets around. This summer sees him convert the Panthéon into his latest makeshift gallery. The exhibition is part of his INSIDE OUT project, a global participatory platform that invites people from around the world to submit a photo of themselves for display in a new artwork. For the Panthéon’s takeover, over 1,300 personal portraits were sent in to the project’s website, and the remaining 2,500 were collected through public PhotoBooth trucks that travelled around France…

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Escape the crowds at some quirky museums

Paris wears its nickname as the 'Museum City' with pride. And with three of world's most fabulous museums – the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou and the Musée d'Orsay – it's got good reason to be chuffed. However there's much more to its cultural scene than these behemoths. Off the beaten track, down cobbled side streets and even smack bang in the middle of touristy areas, you’ll find many weird and wonderful little-known gems – all well worth an hour of your time...

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