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Deliver Us from Evil

  • Rated as: 2/5

In his two previous horror films, ‘Sinister’ and ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’, director Scott Derrickson displayed more flair for supernatural spectacle and jump scares than for narrative logic or exploring underlying themes. His latest, based on ex-NYPD cop turned…

Die Hard

A hi-tech thriller with a human heart, offering slam-bang entertainment on a par with Lethal Weapon or Aliens. On Christmas Eve, visiting New York cop McClane (Willis) enters the high-rise LA office block where his estranged wife works, not realising that it has already being taken over by sadistic smoothie Hans Gruber (Rickman) and his ruthless…

Obvious Child

  • Rated as: 4/5

The Hollywood way of dealing with unplanned pregnancy has typically been to have a female character blissfully bond with her womanhood through childbirth. But in Gillian Robespierre’s revolutionary ‘Obvious Child’, abortion is sympathetically presented as a sensible option…

Black Nativity

  • Rated as: 3/5

Since it was first performed in New York in December 1961, Langston Hughes’s all-African-American musical retelling of the birth of Christ has become a Christmas staple in the US. Different artists have refitted the author’s gospel-flavoured book and libretto to changing times, and for this alternately middling…

Johnny Guitar

Emma (McCambridge) has the hots for The Dancing Kid (Brady). The Kid is wild about Vienna (Crawford). But Vienna can't drive Johnny Guitar (Hayden) out of her head. Ray's film is not a romantic comedy, but a Western. Or is it? Taking a story about two gutsy, gun-totin' matriarchs squabbling over the men they love and the ownership of a gambling saloon…


  • Rated as: 3/5

All the way back to ‘Donnie Darko’, Jake Gyllenhaal has had a rough-and-ready sense of evolution about him, a tricky quality that better actors can’t pull off half as well. So it’s hard to say if splitting the star into two doppelgängers – Adam, a mousy college professor, and Anthony, a rising actor with a healthy ego...

22 Jump Street

  • Rated as: 3/5

No one, not even its creators, was prepared for the runaway success of the 2012 reboot of ’80s cop-kitsch TV series ‘21 Jump Street’. Instead of a cheapo cash-in, here was a charming, smartly self-mocking romp fronted by the most likeable and unlikely comedy double act in recent memory…


  • Rated as: 2/5

Strap on your swordbelt, buckle your sandals and oil up your rippling six-pack, because here comes yet another interminable, CGI-drenched mythic mish-mash with far more money than brain cells. Dwayne Johnson (we’re no longer allowed to call him The Rock) plays the title character...

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