Where to eat and drink in Paris this summer

Get a hit of Mediterranean flavours or grab a cocktail with a view at our stunning selection of summer restaurants and bars



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Get wise for the World Cup

When it comes to watching Match of the Day, Paris isn't the most obliging of cities. Unless you have a subscription to Canal+ or you're happy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with rowdy men in suits who'll unapologetically spill half a pint on your lap every time someone scores, your choices are limited. With this in mind, we've branched out beyond your run-of-the-mill faux-British pubs to seek out the best alternative bars that screen sports on a regular basis. So pack your vuvuzelas (or, on second thoughts, don't), and head down...


Take it outside for brunch

On weekends you’ll find many of Paris’s restaurants and bars open for business well before midday, and enjoying a brisk brunchtime trade. So, from the Canal Saint-Martin to the banks of the Seine, and from hangover restoratives to haute-cuisine breakfast feasts, dig in to Time Out’s guide to the best brunches in town…


Embrace the Mediterranean at these Italian tables

Everyone likes a slice of Italy – especially when it’s topped with stringy mozzarella, fresh olives and tangy tomato sauce. These are our favourite restaurants in Paris for Italian cooking, from rustic trattorias to cutting edge chic...


Take away a taste of home at The Sunken Chip

The idea of a fish and chip shop in Paris carries with it overtones of the dreaded Irish bar abroad, all stale spilled Guinness and badly dressed tourists out on the lash. Thankfully, The Sunken Chip couldn’t be further from this shudder-filled idea. It is run by expats, and it has set up shop in that crook of the Canal Saint-Martin so popular with nesting Brits and Americans, but it has done so with style and plenty of local sympathy (the menu is knowingly bilingual). It’s also a very smart move – younger Parisians are endlessly enthusiastic about foreign fast food innovations...

  1. 39 rue des Vinaigriers, 10e
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Be streetwise at La Jeune Rue

You've heard of a concept store - now how about an entire concept street? That's exactly what's set to arrive in Paris this summer, wedged into a corner of the third arrondissement between Arts et Métiers and République. Cédric Naudon, a self-styled gastronome, earned his money in real estate on the other side of the pond; on his return to his native Paris, he invested in a restaurant on the Île-St-Louis, Le Sergent Recruteur. A success, this venture pushed Naudon to find for a new project that would marry his two passions: food and design. And although money can't buy you happiness, it definitely can buy you an entire street...


Get away from it all at these secret bars

A slice of Anglo-American literary culture in the heart of Parmentier, Au Chat Noir (not to be confused with the Montmartre cabaret of almost the same name) is known by all the budding poets of the area, but few outsiders. The reason: its thriving, if ill-publicised, spoken-word nights. Head into the basement on a Monday evening (from 8.30pm) and you’ll find an eclectic bunch of beatniks, actors and would-be rappers taking it in turns to perform some kind of spoken text to the audience – and never for over five minutes at a time...


Scream for the best ice cream in Paris

Our sticky-fingered guide to the best ices in the capital takes you from glorious gelati in luxurious ice cream parlours to sweet shops full of bonbons; simply the best places in Paris to indulge a sweet tooth...


Go green at vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Don't let anyone tell you Paris doesn't cater for vegetarian and vegan diets – if you know where to look, delicious wholesome goodness is easily available. The trend for gluten-free is kicking off as well, relief for allergy sufferers and fans of wheatless cooking. Our selection of excellent restaurants, cafés and bakeries offer everything from gluten-free brunches to vegan cupcakes – get stuck in!


Eat the road and get some great street food

Street food: a simple concept, almost as old as streets themselves, which is now taking off in Paris despite a slow start. Prepared and/or sold on the city's pavements (to the extent permitted by the law), and designed to be easily eaten on the fly, this not-so-haute cuisine runs the gamut from sandwiches to kebabs, empañadas to dim sum, without ever breaking the bank...


Let it all hang out at these terrace bars

Paris Plages is well known for lining the Seine with sand and deckchairs during the summer months, but there are plenty of other venues across the capital that open up extra spaces when the sun comes up. With DJs and bars, summer sports or just shady places to relax, these summer spaces are the perfect spots to plant your parasol...

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