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The best ice cream in Paris

The scoop on the capital's best places for ice creams, sorbets and gelati

Our sticky-fingered guide to the best ices in the capital takes you from glorious gelati in luxurious ice cream parlours to sweet shops full of bonbons; simply the best places in Paris to indulge a sweet tooth.  

La Maison du Chocolat

Most people associate La Maison du Chocolat with luxurious boxes of chocolates; but come here in summer and you’ll discover (in addition to the chocolate stands) a superb ice cream section with endless tubs of mouth-watering glaces and sorbets. Chocolate ice cream takes pride of place – there’s even a low-fat chocolate... 

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West of the centre

A la mère de famille

Critics' choice

If traditional ice cream cones just aren’t enough any more, head along Rue du Faubourg Montmartre to A la Mère de Famille. As well as traditional scoops, this 250-year old sweet shop (filled with bonbons, jellies and chocolates) serves scrumptious homemade ‘Exquimaux’ (frozen ice cream lollypops, coated in chocolate, caramelised almonds, biscuits or crushed hazelnuts)... 

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Critics' choice

Pozetto might not be the most famous gelateria in Paris, but it’s one of the best, serving classic Italian flavours like gianduia torinese (a Turin speciality of chocolate and hazelnuts from Piémont), fior di latte (made from milk, cream and sugar) and pistacchio (a creamy Sicilian pistachio blend)... 

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4th arrondissement


This former family ice cream parlour, founded in 1947, was bought in 2008 and converted into a salon de thé. Fortunately, the new owners keep the old Raimo spirit alive by making delicious ice creams and sorbets (according to traditional 19th century recipes) from only natural, seasonal ingredients... 

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Le Bac à Glaces

Critics' choice

At Bac à Glaces, ice cream maker extraordinaire Sylvain Roël wows customers with consistently delicious ice creams and sorbets – all home made with only the choicest ingredients and no artificial colourings. Popular flavours include Créole (rum and raisin), chestnut, pineapple and coconut... 

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7th arrondissement

Martine Lambert

Critics' choice

You’ll be hard-pushed to find thicker, creamier ice cream than at Martine Lambert’s parlour on Rue Cler, where Normandy lait cru (unpasteurised milk) and crème fraîche are used in most of her recipes. Her sorbets are top-notch too: since she opened her first boutique in Deauville in 1975, Lambert has selected the best fruits from around the world to ensure that her flavours... 

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École Militaire

Clasico Argentino

Forget French glace, Italian gelati and British Mr Whippy: every self-respecting Parisian nowadays eats Argentinean helado – preferably from luxury fast food store Clasico Argentino. Founded by Argentineans Enrique Zanoni and Gaston Stivelmaher, the shop-cum-restaurant serves eight flavours of ultra-creamy ice cream made on... 

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11th arrondissement


Critics' choice

You can recognize the Berthillon ice-cream parlour and tearoom from the queues of people outside, except (somewhat strangely) in summer when the shop is closed! The flavours change throughout the seasons, but if it’s available don’t miss the strawberry sorbet, or the bitter chocolate sorbet made without and dairy products. In winter Berthillon offers delicious hot chocolate... 

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Ile Saint Louis


Created by two young Italians in 2003, Grom has grown into an international ice cream chain with boutiques in Europe, the States and Japan. But don’t let that put you off: their caramel ice cream with pink Himalayan salt and cioccolato fondente made from Venezuelan chocolate are still as good as ever. And sorbet lovers won’t find a better version of limome... 

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St Germain des Prés

Gelati d’Alberto

You come to purple and white Gelati d’Alberto for two things: the delicious ice cream and to watch the employees turn your scoops into a flower-shaped work of art before your very eyes. Once you’ve tasted the classic flavours, try the Nutella, green tea or even the vodka Red Bull varieties. The more flavours you choose, the prettier your ice cream... 

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5th arrondissement
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