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'You can do whatever you want,' reckons Prague's newest club, clearly a believer in the scattergun approach. Typical Fridays and Saturdays deliver live acts followed by '80s and '90s disco; at other times, you might get the Prague Poker Palooza cards festival or the So Pretty 'provocative fashion show'. Set in the former municipal pool on the Vltava's left bank, it's an appealing venue, with a well-stocked bar and wine cellar.

Tags: Pop, Club
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Občanská plovárna details

U plovárny 8,
Malá Strana,
Prague 1

Area Prague

Transport Metro Malostranská/tram 12, 17, 51, 56 .

Telephone 257 531 451

Občanská plovárna website

Open 8pm-4am Tue-Thur; 7pm-5am Fri, Sat.

Admission 80-150 K±.