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Ever wandered around an Italian city, wondering how Italian women appear to pull off effortless elegance so, well, effortlessly? Ask an Italian for her secret and she will tell you that it is all about the cut and the quality of the fabric. A few key pieces seemingly thrown together will create a stylish look that's hard to emulate if your usual shopping haunts are budget high-street clothing shops.

These key pieces tend to include great sunglasses, something in cashmere and a fabulous bag. If this is the look you're after, then look no further than the über-stylish Ottico Fabbricatore. As the name suggests, this ultra-modern shop specialises in designer eyewear - the kind you won't find anywhere else in Italy, with extraordinary frames in anything from buffalo horn to titanium. Pop in for a pair of sunglasses, or bring along your prescription and treat yourself to glasses the likes of which chain-store opticians can only dream of.

Run by a husband-and-wife team - optician Francesco Lincetto and designer Marianna Leardini - the boutique also sells gossamer-like cashmere and sensual silk apparel. The couple have recently extended their store, adding an upstairs space dedicated to clothing, along with a selection of luxurious bags thatwere designed by Marianna in materials ranging from calfskin to ostrich. Ottico Fabbricatore may not be able to turn you into a perfectly groomed Italian, but it will certainly help you make serious inroads into your holiday cash while trying.

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Ottico Fabbricatore details

San Marco 4773,
calle dell'Ovo

Area Venice

Transport Vaporetto Rialto

Telephone 041 522 5263

Ottico Fabbricatore website

Open 9am-12.30pm, 3.30-7.30pm Mon-Sat; 11am-7pm Sun.