Hole In The Wall

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Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is a great venue that prides itself in providing live music almost every single night of the week. You can find it in Monot. For live music, it’s the main pub in the area. It’s rough and ready, with slightly battered dark wood furniture and dim lighting, creating the feeling of a dive bar. It’s a small and intimate venue (as the name suggests) and you can immediately tell that it’s about the music as music related paraphernalia covers the walls. The stage is small, but big enough for a moderate sized ensemble and you’ll get that great sensation of listening to a band only a few feet away. All the usual drinks and some food is available.

By: Time Out Beirut staff


Venue name: Hole In The Wall
Address: Monot Street

Opening hours: Daily 6pm-2am
1 person listening